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Fluid Mechanics

Introductory Fluid Mechanics

Introductory Fluid Mechanics Lowest new price: $80.99
Lowest used price: $50.00
List price: $143.00
Author: Joseph Katz
Brand: Brand: Cambridge University Press

The first objective of this introductory text is to familiarize students who have been exposed to only one course on fluids with the basic elements of fluid mechanics so that, in the event that their future work relies on occasional numerical solutions, they will be familiar with the jargon of the discipline and the expected results. At the same time, this book can serve as a long-term reference text, contrary to the oversimplified approach occasionally used for such introductory courses. The second objective is to provide a comprehensive foundation for more advanced courses in fluid mechanics (within disciplines such as mechanical or aerospace engineering). In order to avoid confusing the students, the governing equations are introduced early, and the assumptions leading to the various models are clearly presented. This provides a logical hierarchy and explains the interconnectivity between the various models. Supporting examples demonstrate the principles and provide engineering analysis tools for many engineering calculations.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Fluid Mechanics for Chemical Engineers

Fluid Mechanics for Chemical Engineers Lowest new price: $26.29
Lowest used price: $27.50
Author: Noel Nevers

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Applied And Computational Fluid Mechanics (Engineering)

Applied And Computational Fluid Mechanics (Engineering) Lowest new price: $59.24
Lowest used price: $59.47
List price: $192.95
Author: Scott Post

Designed for the fluid mechanics course for mechanical, civil, and aerospace engineering students, or as a reference for professional engineers, this up to date text uses computer algorithms and applications to solve modern problems related to fluid flow, aerodynamics, and thermodynamics. Algorithms and codes for numerical solutions of fluid problems, which can be implemented in programming environments such as MATLAB, are used throughout the book. The author also uses non-language specific algorithms to force the students to think through the logic of the solution technique as they translate the algorithm into the software they are using. The text also includes an introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics, a well-established method in the design of fluid machinery and heat transfer applications. A DVD accompanies every new printed copy of the book and contains the source code, MATLAB files, third-party simulations, color figures, and more.

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Hydraulic Control Systems

Hydraulic Control Systems Lowest new price: $104.83
Lowest used price: $101.00
List price: $165.00
Author: Noah Manring

A unique resource that demystifies the physical basics of hydraulic systems

Hydraulic Control Systems offers students and professionals a reliable, complete volume of the most up-to-date hows and whys of today's hydraulic control system fundamentals. Complete with insightful industry examples, it features the latest coverage of modeling and control systems with a widely accepted approach to systems design.

Hydraulic Control Systems is a powerful tool for developing a solid understanding of hydraulic control systems that will serve the practicing engineer in the field. Throughout the book, illustrative case studies highlight important topics and demonstrate how equations can be implemented and used in the real world.

Featuring exercise problems at the end of every chapter, Hydraulic Control Systems presents:
* A useful review of fluid mechanics and system dynamics
* Thorough analysis of transient fluid flow forces within valves
* Discussions of flow ripple for both gear pumps and axial piston pumps
* Updated analysis of the pump control problems associated with swash plate type machines
* A successful methodology for hydraulic system design-starting from the load point of the system and working backward to the ultimate power source
* Reduced-order models and PID controllers showing control objectives of position, velocity, and effort

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Fluid Mechanics (Thermal & Transport Science)

Lowest new price: $2,420.43
Lowest used price: $16.31
Author: Arthur G. Hansen

Great vintage book!

Micro- and Nanoscale Fluid Mechanics: Transport in Microfluidic Devices

Micro- and Nanoscale Fluid Mechanics: Transport in Microfluidic Devices Lowest new price: $52.50
Lowest used price: $56.26
List price: $64.99
Author: Brian J. Kirby

This text focuses on the physics of fluid transport in micro- and nanofabricated liquid-phase systems, with consideration of gas bubbles, solid particles, and macromolecules. This text was designed with the goal of bringing together several areas that are often taught separately - namely, fluid mechanics, electrodynamics, and interfacial chemistry and electrochemistry - with a focused goal of preparing the modern microfluidics researcher to analyze and model continuum fluid mechanical systems encountered when working with micro- and nanofabricated devices. This text is not a summary of current research in the field, and it omits any discussion of microfabrication techniques or any attempt to summarize the technological state of the art. This text serves as a useful reference for practicing researchers but is designed primarily for classroom instruction. Worked sample problems are inserted throughout to assist the student, and exercises are included at the end of each chapter to facilitate use in classes.

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Engineering Fluid Mechanics 9th Internat

Engineering Fluid Mechanics 9th Internat Lowest new price: $55.99
Lowest used price: $17.00
Author: Crowe

Engineering Fluid Mechanics

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Thermodynamics and fluid mechanics of turbomachinery (NATO ASI series)

Thermodynamics and fluid mechanics of turbomachinery (NATO ASI series) Lowest used price: $90.00

Elementary Fluid Mechanics

Elementary Fluid Mechanics Lowest new price: $39.57
Lowest used price: $4.91
List price: $42.95
Author: John K. Vennard

ELEMENTARY FLUID MECHANICS BY JOHN K. VENNARD Assistant Professor of Fluid Mechanics New York University. PREFACE: Fluid mechanics is the study under all possible conditions of rest and motion. Its approaches analytical, rational, and mathematical rather than empirical it concerns itself with those basic principles which lead to the solution of numerous diversified problems, and it seeks results which are widely applicable to similar fluid situations and not limited to isolated special cases. Fluid mechanics recognizes no arbitrary boundaries between fields of engineering knowledge but attempts to solve all fluid problems, irrespective of their occurrence or of the characteristics of the fluids involved. This textbook is intended primarily for the beginner who knows the principles of mathematics and mechanics but has had no previous experience with fluid phenomena. The abilities of the average beginner and the tremendous scope of fluid mechanics appear to be in conflict, and the former obviously determine limits beyond which it is not feasible to go these practical limits represent the boundaries of the subject which I have chosen to call elementary fluid mechanics. The apparent conflict between scope of subject and beginner f s ability is only along mathematical lines, however, and the physical ideas of fluid mechanics are well within the reach of the beginner in the field. Holding to the belief that physical concepts are the sine qua non of mechanics, I have sacrificed mathematical rigor and detail in developing physical pictures and in many cases have stated general laws only without numerous exceptions and limitations in order to convey basic ideas such oversimplification is necessary in introducing a new subject to the beginner. Like other courses in mechanics, fluid mechanics must include disciplinary features as well as factual information the beginner must follow theoretical developments, develop imagination in visualizing physical phenomena, and be forced to think his way through problems of theory and application. The text attempts to attain these objectives in the following ways omission of subsidiary conclusions is designed to encourage the student to come to some conclusions by himself application of bare principles to specific problems should develop ingenuity illustrative problems are included to assist in overcoming numerical difficulties and many numerical problems for the student to solve are intended not only to develop ingenuity but to show practical applications as well. Presentation of the subject begins with a discussion of fundamentals, physical properties and fluid statics. Frictionless flow is then discussed to bring out the applications of the principles of conservation of mass and energy, and of impulse-momentum law, to fluid motion. The principles of similarity and dimensional analysis are next taken up so that these principles may be used as tools in later developments. Frictional processes are discussed in a semi-quantitative fashion, and the text proceeds to pipe and open-channel flow. A chapter is devoted to the principles and apparatus for fluid measurements, and the text ends with an elementary treatment of flow about immersed objects.

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Fluid Mechanics, 9E

Fluid Mechanics, 9E Lowest new price: $21.16
Lowest used price: $29.20
Author: Streeter

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