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Endocrinology & Metabolism

Handbook of Clinical Laboratory Testing During Pregnancy (Current Clinical Pathology)

Handbook of Clinical Laboratory Testing During Pregnancy (Current Clinical Pathology) Lowest new price: $31.01
Lowest used price: $61.99
List price: $319.00

Practicing specialists in pathology, laboratory medicine, and obstetrics comprehensively summarize the latest scientific findings and their experiences in the use and interpretation of laboratory testing in patients who are pregnant or experiencing recurrent pregnancy loss. Topics of interest include the effects of normal physiological changes on test results, test selection for diagnosis, changes in reference ranges, monitoring the pregnant patient, new technologies, and the limitations of laboratory testing. The authors not only clearly explain currently used test methods and technologies for the nontechnical reader, but also provide comprehensive details for laboratory professionals. The comprehensive appendix that compiles published normal reference ranges by first, second, and third trimester consttitutes an excellent resource for professionals caring for pregnant women.

Interpretation of Semen Analysis Results: A Practical Guide

Interpretation of Semen Analysis Results: A Practical Guide Lowest new price: $48.98
Lowest used price: $65.35
List price: $86.00
Author: Rajasingam S. Jeyendran

This practical and concise guide provides a step-by-step approach to every aspect of the interpretation of semen analysis results. While other books focus on basic semen analysis protocol and techniques, few books then go on to actually interpret these results and provide useful guidance on the significance of different results for infertility assessment. This guide takes a systematic, hands-on approach to identification of the ranges of abnormality that contribute to male subfertility. It also defines basic concepts, provides clinically essential reference values, and elucidates the often subtle relationships among many sperm characteristics. Once conclusions are reached, the guide offers recommendations for appropriate referral and additional options. Inclusion of vignettes from a wide range of real-life case reports based on the author's own experiences help to illustrate key points. This practical guide is an invaluable resource for all clinicians, scientists, and laboratory professionals working with infertile patients.

Endolaryngeal Surgery

Endolaryngeal Surgery Lowest new price: $236.46
Lowest used price: $11.11
List price: $199.95
Author: Bruce Benjamin
Brand: Brand: CRC Press

Winner, George Davey Howells Memorial Prize, University of London, 1998
Winner, Royal Society of Medicine Atlas Award, 1995


  • Used Book in Good Condition

Handbook of Lipoprotein Testing, 2nd Edition

Handbook of Lipoprotein Testing, 2nd Edition Lowest new price: $155.16
Lowest used price: $64.89
List price: $110.00
Author: Nader Rifai

This important reference addresses critical issues in lipoprotein testing such as standardization, certification, and measurement and interpretation of lipid values, and comprehensively presents the latest advances in lipid testing. It also includes methodologies such as the determination of plasma lipoprotein lipase activity and low-density lipoprotein receptors. It will be of great interest to clinical pathologists, lipid chemists, and all laboratorians involved in lipidology and cardiovascular prevention.

Animal and Human Calorimetry

Animal and Human Calorimetry Lowest new price: $146.63
Lowest used price: $26.60
List price: $182.00
Author: J. A. McLean

This volume provides a comprehensive survey of the theory, practice, and techniques of calorimetry as applied to the study of energy metabolism in humans and animals. Calorimetry is used to estimate nutritional requirements of man and farm livestock and to evaluate different foods. It is also a powerful tool used in research into fundamental nutritional and physiological life processes and in the evaluation of stresses imposed by abnormal or severe environments. It is currently being applied in various branches of medical research and can be used as a diagnostic tool in hospitals for investigation of metabolic disorders. The authors discuss both direct calorimetry, which measures heat loss directly, and indirect calorimetry, where heat loss is inferred by measurement of some of the chemical byproducts of metabolism. In addition, guidance is provided to the instrumentation, technical problems, and precautions necessary to obtain accurate calorimetric measurements.

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Pharmacogenetics of Drug Metabolism

Lowest used price: $420.00
List price: $479.50
Author: Werner Kalow

This volume features thorough reviews by active clinicians and researchers of drug metabolizing reactions which show genetic variability between humans. This includes the molecular and biochemical aspects of key enzymes and the pharmacological consequences. Also included are selected epidemiological and methodological topics intended to be of use to researchers pursuing further investigation in this field.

Women's Health and Disease: Gynecologic, Endocrine, and Reproductive Issues (Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences)

Women's Health and Disease: Gynecologic, Endocrine, and Reproductive Issues (Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences) Lowest new price: $69.86
Lowest used price: $13.81
List price: $184.95

The entire span of a woman's reproductive years and beyond is the scope of this volume, which presents research covering events from first menstruation through the post-menopausal years. Special care has been taken to balance basic research and clinical information.

The volume comprises chapters on first menstruation, hypothalamic amenorrhea, implantation and recurrent abortion, XX metabolic syndrome, endometriosis, menopause, osteoporosis, minimally invasive surgery, assisted reproduction, ultrasound imaging in obstetrics, estrogen receptor modulators, and urogynecology. Papers on fertility drugs and gynecologic cancer, contraception today, prenatal genetic diagnosis, cloning and stem cells, transdermal hormone therapy, and estrogen and brain function will also be included.

Authors from the International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics will address issues such as, Is there an optimal rate for cesarean section? and fistulas in Africa, as well as perinatal mortality in Europe.

This volume is the latest proceedings of a series of meetings that has been held in Athens for over a decade, and the participants are internationally known authorities in their fields.

NOTE: Annals volumes are available for sale as individual books or as a journal. For information on institutional journal subscriptions, please visit

ACADEMY MEMBERS: Please contact the New York Academy of Sciences directly to place your order ( Members of the New York Academy of Science receive full-text access to the Annals online and discounts on print volumes. Please visit for more information about becoming a member

Neural and Metabolic Control of Macronutrient Intake

Neural and Metabolic Control of Macronutrient Intake Lowest new price: $122.00
Lowest used price: $40.00
List price: $164.95

When an excessive proportion of the human energy requirement is derived from fat, the likelihood of obesity increases. Any such individual is at risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease- grave and costly health hazards. The selective control of fat ingestion is a promising solution to these concerns.
Existing data suggests that macronutrient intake can be manipulated. Further research is working to create pharmacological tools that will suppress fat consumption. It will also be possible to fight obesity, heart disease and diabetes.
Neural and Metabolic Control of Macronutrient Intake systematically discusses the known physiological mechanisms involved in macronutrientselection, including their molecular, genetic and neurochemical aspects. The book is also a critical review of the hypothesis that ingestion of the three nutrients is regulated by separate neural control mechanisms, leaving open the possibility that strategies could be devised to intervene in bodily control systems and alter the proportion of fat in the diet.
This reference provides three types of information: First, the basic background of the biochemical and physiological systems as they relate to macronutrient selection. Second, opinions and data concerning to what degree animals and humans show evidence of macronutrient selection. And, third, evidence about how the central nervous system might be involved in the choices animals make among macronutrients.

Diabetes Meals on the Run : Fast, Healthy Menus Using Convenience Foods

Diabetes Meals on the Run : Fast, Healthy Menus Using Convenience Foods Lowest new price: $5.00
Lowest used price: $0.01
List price: $15.95
Author: Betty Wedman-St. Louis

From fast foods to frozen entrees to deli takeout to salad bars, there is an abundance of tasty, convenient meal options catering to our hurry-up lifestyles. But as a person with diabetes you must follow strict nutritional guidelines and things can be quite a bit more complicated. Written by a leading national diabetes educator, Diabetes Meals on the Run is the first-ever guide to adapting fast foods and convenience foods to a diabetes nutrition regimen.

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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Lowest new price: $122.27
Lowest used price: $70.00
List price: $175.00

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is one of the most common reproductive health problems of women. Despite this, its effective treatment remains a significant challenge to the medical profession. This second edition (published 2007) of a highly successful and well-reviewed book is a thorough update on the syndrome, its aetiology, pathology, impact on infertility, and effective medical management. Every chapter has been extensively referenced and completely revised and updated. New chapters cover: hyperinsulinemic insulin resistance; new treatments including in-vitro maturation; paediatric origins, including the Barker Hypothesis; adrenocortal dysfunction; polycystic ovary syndrome in non-western societies; surgical treatment of obesity associated with polycystic ovaries, and treatment with vitamins and minerals. The book is a reference text for all clinicians with an interest in reproductive endocrinology, including gynaecologists, IVF specialists and obstetricians.

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