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Harrison, Harry

The Misplaced Battleship (Classic Science Fiction)

The Misplaced Battleship (Classic Science Fiction) Lowest new price: $7.15
Lowest used price: $22.91
List price: $7.96
Author: Harry Harrison

The Misplaced Battleship By Harry Harrison Illustrated by: Schoenherr It might seem a little careless to lose track of something as big as a battleship ... but interstellar space is on a different scale of magnitude. But a misplaced battleship—in the wrong hands!—can be most dangerous. The door to Inskipp's private quarters had an old-fashioned tumbler drum that was easier to pick than my teeth. I must have gone through that door without breaking step. Quiet as I was though, Inskipp still heard me. The light came on and there he was sitting up in bed pointing a .75 caliber recoilless at my sternum. "You should have more brains than that, diGriz," he snarled. "Creeping into my room at night! You could have been shot."

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Stars and Stripes in Peril (Stars & Stripes Trilogy)

Stars and Stripes in Peril (Stars & Stripes Trilogy) Lowest new price: $2.95
Lowest used price: $0.01
List price: $6.99
Author: Harry Harrison

—The New York Times Book Review

In the midst of Civil War, a stunned North and South join forces to combat a sudden attack of British troops. Though the Americans are victorious, three years later a new threat emerges. Her Majesty’s Army is massing for a possible attack through Texas. Into the gauntlet Lincoln sends his chosen angel of death, General Ulysses S. Grant—while his top soldiers, including Robert E. Lee and William Tecumseh Sherman, plan the most daring naval invasion ever launched: an assault on British soil itself.

Stars and Stripes in Peril is the new masterwork from one of the world’s most provocative authors. Venturing beyond a fascinating question of what if? Harry Harrison brilliantly examines the people and passions that make up nations both great and small—and shows how technology and politics had the power to shape history’s first great World War . . . half a century before it began . . .

"Lovers of novels of alternate history hold Harry Harrison in high regard and his latest book can only enhance that esteem."
—Abilene Reporter News

Harry Harrison has been publishing science fiction for half a century; this novel appears in 2000, the year of his 75th birthday. His 1998 Stars and Stripes Forever was a foray into alternative history at the time of the U.S. Civil War. An opportunistic British invasion is so badly bungled that it unites warring Union and Confederate forces against the common enemy, and the course of events is rousingly changed.

Now it's 1863 and perfidious Albion is making a comeback via the Pacific, establishing a Mexican beachhead and planning attacks on united America's "soft underbelly" in the Gulf of Mexico. Gurkha and Sepoy troops build roads while sweaty white officers express nostalgia for England: "I despair of ever seeing her blissfully cold and fog-shrouded shores again."

An early coup of misdirection makes the British advance seem unstoppable--but America forges ahead with new guns and naval armor, and General Robert E. Lee devises an audacious counterblow. What better way to disrupt Britain's wicked schemes than to strike at her own rebellious province of Ireland?

Harrison, an American, perhaps overdoes the lofty dignity of figures like Abraham Lincoln, while showing British politicians with their full complement of warts. But the breathless, headlong action sweeps you away as the battle is planned and at last joined. Even hardened English patriots will feel a sense of wish-fulfillment at the possibility that America may solve the "Irish Question" for them. This is a rapid-paced, slightly slapdash, and unfailingly energetic adventure in alternate history--all great fun. --David Langford,

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The Stainless Steel Rat (Sphere science fiction)

The Stainless Steel Rat (Sphere science fiction) Lowest new price: $136.60
Lowest used price: $2.99
Author: Harry Harrison

Jim DiGriz is caught during one of his crimes and recruited into the Special Corps. Boring, routine desk work during his probationary period results in his discovering that someone is building a battleship, thinly disguised as an industrial vessel. In the peaceful League no one has battleships anymore, so the builder of this one would be unstoppable. DiGriz' hunt for the guilty becomes a personal battle between himself and the beautiful but deadly Angelina, who is planning a coup on one of the feudal worlds. DiGriz' dilemma is whether he will turn Angelina over to the Special Corps, or join with her, since he has fallen in love with her.

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Stainless Steel Visions (Stainless Steel Rat)

Stainless Steel Visions (Stainless Steel Rat) Lowest new price: $19.74
Lowest used price: $0.01
List price: $4.99
Author: Harry Harrison

Now in paperback--Harrison's best short fiction, including a new Stainless Steel Rat story. Assembled here are 14 stories that span time and space from the England of old to empires millenia from now. Includes "Roommates", the original basis for the movie Soylent Green. Illustrated.

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West of Eden

West of Eden Lowest new price: $40.84
Lowest used price: $0.01
List price: $15.95
Author: Harry Harrison

This book is a replica of the original from the collections of The New York Public Library; it was produced from digital images created by The New York Public Library and its partners as part of their preservation efforts. To enhance your reading pleasure, the aging and scanning artifacts have been removed using patented page cleaning technology. We hope you enjoy the result.

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Bill the Galactic Hero, Vol. 1

Bill the Galactic Hero, Vol. 1 Lowest new price: $55.72
Lowest used price: $0.01
List price: $4.50
Author: Harry Harrison
Brand: Avon Books

It was the highest honor to defend the Empire against the dreaded Chingers, an enemy race of seven-foot-tall lizards. But Bill, a Technical Fertilizer Operator from a planet of farmers, wasn't interested in honor-he was only interested in two things: his chosen career, and the shapely curves of Inga-Maria Calyphigia. Then a recruiting robot shanghaied him with knockout drops, and he came to in deep space, aboard the Empire warship Christine Keeler. And from there, things got even worse... From the sweltering fuse room aboard the Keeler, where he loses an arm while blasting a Chinger spaceship, to the Department of Sanitation far below the world-city of Helior, where he finds peace, job security, and unlimited is Bill, a pure-hearted fool fighting a deluxe cast of robots, androids, and aliens in a never-ending losing battle to preserve his humanity while upholding the glory of the Empire.


  • Great product!

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Best Sf: 1968

Best Sf: 1968 Lowest used price: $0.80
Author: Brian W. Aldiss

Spaceship Medic.

Spaceship Medic. Lowest new price: $94.44
Lowest used price: $3.49
Author: Harry. Harrison

Spaceship Medic First edition 1970 by Harry Harrison. Hardcover Grey with black and grey lettering. Photo on cover of man in a spacesuit. x library Very good condition." Space emergency, the hull of the ship has been holed."

Planet of the Damned

Planet of the Damned Lowest new price: $0.15
Lowest used price: $0.01
List price: $6.99
Author: Harry Harrison

This book is part of the TREDITION CLASSICS. It contains classical literature works from over two thousand years. Most of these titles have been out of print and off the bookstore shelves for decades. The book series is intended to preserve the cultural legacy and to promote the timeless works of classical literature. Readers of a TREDITION CLASSICS book support the mission to save many of the amazing works of world literature from oblivion. With this series, tredition intends to make thousands of international literature classics available in printed format again – worldwide.

Planet of No Return

Planet of No Return Lowest new price: $7.49
Lowest used price: $0.01
Author: Harry Harrison

In the sequel to Planet of the Damned, Brion Brandd, the winner of a planet-wide competition, must battle mindless killer robots and then conquer and lead back to civilization a world of savages. Reissue.

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