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Plasma Physics

Principles of Plasma Diagnostics

Principles of Plasma Diagnostics Lowest new price: $75.93
Lowest used price: $81.90
List price: $89.00
Author: I. H. Hutchinson
Brand: Brand: Cambridge University Press

This book provides a systematic introduction to the physics of plasma diagnostics measurements. It develops from first principles the concepts needed to plan, execute and interpret plasma measurements, making it a suitable book for graduate students and professionals with little plasma physics background. The book will also be a valuable reference for seasoned plasma physicists, both experimental and theoretical, as well as those with an interest in space and astrophysical applications. This second edition is thoroughly revised and updated, with new sections and chapters covering recent developments in the field.


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Basic Plasma Physics I (Handbook of Plasma Physics)

Lowest used price: $69.00
List price: $333.00

Basic Plasma Physics 2 (Handbook of Plasma Physics)

Lowest new price: $395.00
Lowest used price: $67.98
List price: $461.25
Author: A. A. Galeev

Volume 2 of the Handbook of Plasma Physics is devoted largely to situations where the nonlinear interaction is so strong that the assumptions of weak turbulence are violated. In particular the following aspects are covered: - a review of a group of theories that invoke a renormalization procedure; - parametric instabilities driven by external pump fields; - the strong interaction between Langmuir waves and ion fluctuations which leads to the formation of solitons and their subsequent collapse; - anomalous plasma resistivity caused by current driven instabilities; - collective interaction of intense beams of charged particles in a plasma and, - the relaxation of plasma with anisotropic velocity distribution.

Basic space plasma physics

Basic space plasma physics Lowest new price: $75.60
Lowest used price: $90.00
List price: $84.00
Author: W. Baumjohann

This textbook deals with the requirements of space physics. The first part starts with a description of the Earth's plasma environment, followed by a derivation of single particle motions in electromagnetic fields, with applications to the Earth's magnetosphere. Then the origin and effects of collisions and conductivities, formation of the ionosphere, magnetospheric convection and dynamics, and solar wind-magnetosphere coupling are discussed. The second part of the book presents a more theoretical foundation of plasma physics, starting from kinetic theory. Introducing moments of the distribution function permits derivation of the fluid equations, followed by an analysis of fluid boundaries, with the Earth's magnetopause and bow shock as examples. Finally, fluid and kinetic theory are applied to derive the relevant wave modes in a plasma.A representative selection of the many space plasma instabilities and relevant aspects of nonlinear theory is given in a companion textbook, Advanced Space Plasma Physics, by the same authors.

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Plasma Dynamics (Oxford Science Publications)

Plasma Dynamics (Oxford Science Publications) Lowest new price: $58.61
Lowest used price: $32.04
List price: $74.00
Author: R. O. Dendy

This text examines the distinctive physics of plasmas--the form in which most visible matter in the universe is found. The book provides an introduction to plasma particle dynamics, plasma waves, magnetohydrodynamics, plasma kinetic theory, two-fluid theory, and non-linear plasma physics. Rather than emphasizing mathematical considerations, this concise volume concentrates on underlying physical principles. The most advanced background knowledge required consists of Maxwell's equations, and these are reviewed in the introduction. The text will be useful to undergraduates in physics as well as graduates studying astrophysics, nuclear physics, and plasma physics.

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Basic Data of Plasma Physics: The Fundamental Data on Electrical Discharges in Gases (AVS Classics in Vacuum Science and Technology)

Basic Data of Plasma Physics: The Fundamental Data on Electrical Discharges in Gases (AVS Classics in Vacuum Science and Technology) Lowest new price: $142.90
Lowest used price: $30.00
List price: $119.00
Author: Sanborn C. Brown

Market: Scientists, engineers, and graduate students involved in the phenomenon of plasma physics. This 1966 reference work is a compilation of some of the most important plasma physics measurements published during the late 1950s and the early 1960s. It offers a wealth of useful information on elastic-collision and charge- transfer cross sections, mobility and diffusion, electron attachment and detachment, and recombination. Numerous fundamental principles make this a much-consulted handbook on the physical phenomena, measurements, and properties of plasma physics.

Plasma Physics via Computer Simulation (Series in Plasma Physics)

Plasma Physics via Computer Simulation (Series in Plasma Physics) Lowest used price: $49.99
List price: $79.95
Author: C.K. Birdsall

Divided into three main parts, the book guides the reader to an understanding of the basic concepts in this fascinating field of research. Part 1 introduces you to the fundamental concepts of simulation. It examines one-dimensional electrostatic codes and electromagnetic codes, and describes the numerical methods and analysis. Part 2 explores the mathematics and physics behind the algorithms used in Part 1. In Part 3, the authors address some of the more complicated simulations in two and three dimensions. The book introduces projects to encourage practical work Readers can download plasma modeling and simulation software — the ES1 program — with implementations for PCs and Unix systems along with the original FORTRAN source code. Now available in paperback, Plasma Physics via Computer Simulation is an ideal complement to plasma physics courses and for self-study.

Statistical Plasma Physics, Volume II: Condensed Plasmas (Frontiers in Physics)

Statistical Plasma Physics, Volume II: Condensed Plasmas (Frontiers in Physics) Lowest new price: $57.72
Lowest used price: $75.05
List price: $62.00
Author: Setsuo Ichimaru

The aim of this book is to elucidate a number of basic topics in physics of dense plasmas that interface with condensed matter physics, atomic physics, nuclear physics, and astrophysics. The different plasmas examined here include astrophysical dense plasmas - like those found in the interiors, surfaces, and outer envelopes of such astronomical objects as neutron stars, white dwarfs, the Sun, brown dwarfs, and giant planets. Condensed plasmas in laboratory settings cover metals and alloys (solid, amorphous, liquid, and compressed), semiconductors (electrons, holes, and their droplets), and various realizations of dense plasmas (shock-compressed, diamond-anvil cell, metal vaporization, pinch discharges, and more.)Statistical Plasma Physics: Volume II, Condensed Plasmas is intended as a graduate-level textbook on the subjects of condensed plasma physics, material sciences, and condensed-matter astrophysics. It will also be useful to researchers in the fields of plasma physics, condensed-matter physics, atomic physics, nuclear physics, and astrophysics.

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Physics of High-Density Z-Pinch Plasmas

Physics of High-Density Z-Pinch Plasmas Lowest new price: $81.00
Lowest used price: $83.00
List price: $213.00
Author: Michael A. Liberman

A "z pinch" is a deceptively simple plasma configuration in which a longitudinal current produces a magnetic field that confines the plasma. Z-pinch research is currently one of the fastest growing areas of plasma physics, with revived interest in z-pinch controlled fusion reactors along with investigations of new z-pinch applications, such as very high power x-ray sources, high-energy neutrons sources, and ultra-high magnetic fields generators. This book provides a comprehensive review of the physics of dense z pinches and includes many recent experimental results.

Fusion Plasma Physics

Fusion Plasma Physics Lowest new price: $110.93
Lowest used price: $110.97
List price: $165.00
Author: Weston M. Stacey

This revised and enlarged second edition of the popular textbook and reference contains comprehensive treatments of both the established foundations of magnetic fusion plasma physics and of the newly developing areas of active research. It concludes with a look ahead to fusion power reactors of the future. The well-established topics of fusion plasma physics -- basic plasma phenomena, Coulomb scattering, drifts of charged particles in magnetic and electric fields, plasma confinement by magnetic fields, kinetic and fluid collective plasma theories, plasma equilibria and flux surface geometry, plasma waves and instabilities, classical and neoclassical transport, plasma-materials interactions, radiation, etc. -- are fully developed from first principles through to the computational models employed in modern plasma physics.
The new and emerging topics of fusion plasma physics research -- fluctuation-driven plasma transport and gyrokinetic/gyrofluid computational methodology, the physics of the divertor, neutral atom recycling and transport, impurity ion transport, the physics of the plasma edge (diffusive and non-diffusive transport, MARFEs, ELMs, the L-H transition, thermal-radiative instabilities, shear suppression of transport, velocity spin-up), etc. -- are comprehensively developed and related to the experimental evidence. Operational limits on the performance of future fusion reactors are developed from plasma physics and engineering constraints, and conceptual designs of future fusion power reactors are discussed.

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