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Mathematical Physics

Fourier Series (Mathematical Association of America Textbooks)

Fourier Series (Mathematical Association of America Textbooks) Lowest new price: $42.31
Lowest used price: $30.00
List price: $49.95
Author: Rajendra Bhatia

This is a concise introduction to Fourier series covering history, major themes, theorems, examples, and applications. It can be used for self study, or to supplement undergraduate courses on mathematical analysis. Beginning with a brief summary of the rich history of the subject over three centuries, the reader will appreciate how a mathematical theory develops in stages from a practical problem (such as conduction of heat) to an abstract theory dealing with concepts such as sets, functions, infinity, and convergence. The abstract theory then provides unforeseen applications in diverse areas. Exercises of varying difficulty are included throughout to test understanding. A broad range of applications are also covered, and directions for further reading and research are provided, along with a chapter that provides material at a more advanced level suitable for graduate students.

Theoretical Physics on the Personal Computer/Book and Disk

Theoretical Physics on the Personal Computer/Book and Disk Lowest used price: $5.01
List price: $49.50
Author: Erich W. Schmid

Theoretical Physics on the Personal Computer is a very successful, novel, easy-to-comprehend, and well-structured text, ideal as an introduction to problem-solving with computers for advanced undergraduate students in physics and applied mathematics. The required Fortran 77 software for this book is included on a floppy disk. It has been designed for the IBM PC/XT, PC/AT, and PS/2, and for compatible computers such as the Siemens PC-D2, etc., but it can also be run on mainframes. The second edition has not only been corrected and updated; with the new software the user can work with Microsoft Fortran (with or without a mathematical coprocessor) or the IBM Profort compiler (with coprocessor).

Computational Methods in Bifurcation Theory and Dissipative Structures: Springer Series in Computational Physics

Lowest new price: $53.05
Lowest used price: $8.55
List price: $95.00
Author: M. Kubicek

Deformation Theory and Quantum Groups With Applications to Mathematical Physics (Contemporary Mathematics)

Lowest new price: $67.00
Lowest used price: $24.64
List price: $67.00
Author: Murray Gerstenhaber

Applied Integral Transforms (Crm Monograph Series)

Applied Integral Transforms (Crm Monograph Series) Lowest new price: $22.77
Lowest used price: $3.58
List price: $32.00
Author: M. Ya. Antimirov

This book does what few books on integral transforms do: it constructs the kernels of the integral transforms by solving the generalized Sturm-Liouville problems associated with the partial differential equations at hand. In the first part of the book, the authors construct the kernels and then use them to solve elementary problems of mathematical physics. This section, which proceeds mainly by examples and includes exercises, requires little mathematical background and provides an introduction to the subject of integral transforms.

In the second part of the book, the method of integral transforms is used to solve modern applied problems in convective stability, temperature fields in oil strata, and eddy current testing. The choice of topics reflects the authors' research experience and involvement in industrial applications. The first part of the book is accessible to undergraduates, while the second part is aimed more at graduate students and researchers. Because of the applications it discusses, the book will interest engineers (especially petroleum engineers) and physicists.

The Mathematical Analysis of Physical Systems

Lowest new price: $158.32
Lowest used price: $6.27
List price: $54.95
Author: Ronald Mickens

Physics: Algebra/Trig

Physics: Algebra/Trig Lowest new price: $8.38
Lowest used price: $0.01
List price: $95.95
Author: Eugene Hecht
Brand: Brand: Brooks/Cole Pub Co

In this significant revision of his ground-breaking book, Hecht uses a compelling narrative presentation. Students will see the wonder of physics as Hecht uses real-life applications, an unparalleled art and photography program that motivates conceptual discussions, a presentation that anticipates students' questions, and an approach that emphasizes contemporary physics while interweaving historical perspectives.

Building on the numerous strengths of the First Edition, this book is now thoroughly revised throughout with approximately 800 new problems, a new five-step problem-solving framework for all examples, new sketch-art accompanying many examples, more biological applications, new do-it-yourself experiments, and so much more.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Viscous Vortical Flows (Lecture Notes in Physics)

Lowest new price: $27.89
Lowest used price: $37.00
List price: $19.95
Author: Lu Ting

This is a comprehensive account of the asymptotic theory of slender vortices with diffusion cores. Addressed to both graduate students and researchers it describes the mathematical model and its numerical analysis. The asymptotic analysis involves two length and two time scales. Consistency conditions and time invariance of moments of vorticity are given and applied to numerical solutions. The authors also describe consistency conditions between the large circumferential and axial velocity in the core.

Mathematical Methods for Physics

Mathematical Methods for Physics Lowest new price: $147.86
Lowest used price: $3.34
List price: $50.00
Author: H. W. Wyld

This classic book helps students learn the basics in physics by bridging the gap between mathematics and the basic fundamental laws of physics. With supplemental material such as graphs and equations, Mathematical Methods for Physics creates a strong, solid anchor of learning. The text has three parts: Part I focuses on the use of special functions in solving the homogeneous partial differential equations of physics, and emphasizes applications to topics such as electrostatics, wave guides, and resonant cavities, vibrations of membranes, heat flow, potential flow in fluids, plane and spherical waves. Part II deals with the solution of inhomogeneous differential equations with particular emphasis on problems in electromagnetism, Green’s functions for Poisson’s equation, the wave equation and the diffusion equation, and the solution of integral equations by iteration, eigenfunction expansion and the Fredholm series. Finally, Part II explores complex variable techniques, including evalution of itegrals, dispersion relations, special functions in the complex plane, one-sided Fourier transforms, and Laplace transforms.

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The Complex Wkb Method for Nonlinear Equations I: Linear Theory (Progress in Mathematical Physics)

The Complex Wkb Method for Nonlinear Equations I: Linear Theory (Progress in Mathematical Physics) Lowest new price: $144.27
Lowest used price: $96.53
List price: $180.00
Author: V. P. Maslov

When first published (in Russian), this book proved to become the fountainhead of a major stream of important papers in mathematics, physics and even chemistry. Indeed, it formed the basis of new methodology and opened new directions for research. The present English edition includes new examples of applications to physics, hitherto unpublished or available only in Russian. It uses topological methods to analyze isotropic invariant manifolds in order to obtain symptotic series of eigenvalues and eigenvectors for the multi-dimensional Schrödinger equation also taking into account the so-called tunnel effects.

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