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Core Awareness, Revised Edition: Enhancing Yoga, Pilates, Exercise, and Dance

Core Awareness, Revised Edition: Enhancing Yoga, Pilates, Exercise, and Dance Lowest new price: $9.96
Lowest used price: $8.65
List price: $18.95
Author: Liz Koch

Core Awareness, Revised Edition: Enhancing Yoga, Pilates, Exercise, and Dance offers a guide to Core Awareness, a body-oriented approach that explores the practice of bringing focus and attention to inner sensation as the means of cultivating an innate capacity for expressive movement. Developed by somatic educator and author Liz Koch, the book's Core Awareness movements, stretches, and mindfulness explorations are designed to enhance sensory development and shift readers from the standard paradigm of the body as an "isolated object" to a holistic paradigm of the human being as part of a living process of dynamic expression. This shift in perspective offers practitioners and teachers of movement, yoga, pilates, bodywork, exercise, and dance an empowering model for self-healing and the key to increasing strength, gaining flexibility, preventing injury, and improving resiliency.

Describing the practice of moving from one's core, Koch highlights the importance of engaging the psoas muscle—located on either side of the spine—to integrate the body, mind, emotion, and spirit. Koch also discusses the pelvis as the foundation of our physical core and the vital connection with our bones to gain a sense of support, nourishment, joint integrity, skeletal balance, and healthy muscle tone. Rewritten with updated information, this revised edition includes 247 new photos and 25 new Core Awareness explorations—with 64 in total. A suggested reading list at the end of the book provides resources for continuing the development of the ideas presented within the book.

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The Anatomy of Exercise and Movement for the Study of Dance, Pilates, Sports, and Yoga

The Anatomy of Exercise and Movement for the Study of Dance, Pilates, Sports, and Yoga Lowest new price: $10.47
Lowest used price: $9.99
List price: $19.95
Author: Jo Ann Staugaard-Jones

Awareness of movement potential,” says author Jo Ann Staugaard-Jones, “is key to a healthy body and injury prevention.” The Anatomy of Exercise & Movement shows readers how to gain that awareness by understanding the biomechanics of movement. In ten chapters, color-coded for easy reference, the author covers all of the major muscle and joint areas, including the spine; core region; shoulder; elbow; wrist and hand; and hip, knee, and ankle/foot joints. Most importantly, each chapter contains strengthening and stretching exercises for all of the above areas.

Developed as a handbook, The Anatomy of Exercise & Movement is an accessible resource for anyone who would like to know more about his or her body, how it moves, and what can be done to improve that movement. The more than 275 high-quality, four-color anatomical drawings and the broad scope of muscle and joint groups make this one of the most important guides to the moving body on the market. A helpful “Myths” page at the end of each chapter debunks many of the misunderstandings and rumors about fitness that have circulated over the years.

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Pilates: Body in Motion

Pilates: Body in Motion Lowest new price: $3.20
Lowest used price: $0.01
List price: $15.00
Author: Alycea Ungaro

The most authoritative, step-by-step guide to Pilates available on the market. Popular for decades with dancers, athletes, and celebrities, the Pilates Method is the perfect equipment-free workout for a stronger, leaner, fitter body. With great emphasis on precision and awareness, not only is Pilates great for the body, but for the mind as well. Using step-by-step mat-work exercises and a wide range of programs, from beginner to advanced, Pilate's Mind and Body is the only practical guide that shows you all of the proper steps to follow and how to avoid common mistakes in your conditioning.

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Ellie Herman's Pilates Props Workbook: Illustrated Step-by-Step Guide

Ellie Herman's Pilates Props Workbook: Illustrated Step-by-Step Guide Lowest new price: $7.06
Lowest used price: $4.96
List price: $15.95
Author: Ellie Herman

Pilates gets even better when paired with these simple accessories. Pilates expert Ellie Herman shows how to intensify and enhance your matwork routine:

•The elastic exercise band increases resistance
•The ethafoam roller creates stability challenges
•The Magic Circle gives a great inner thigh workout

Each movement is explained with clear captions and easy-to-follow photo sequences. Special programs for strains, injuries and chronic problems are also featured. In addition to strengthening and toning your body, Pilates with props helps you:

•Build balance
•Release tension
•Alleviate pain
•Rehabilitate injuries

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Pro-Roller Pilates Essentials 2nd Edition (8210-2)

Pro-Roller Pilates Essentials 2nd Edition (8210-2) Lowest new price: $8.94
Lowest used price: $4.94
List price: $9.93
Author: Angela Kneale
Brand: OPTP

Gain additional body awareness, develop better posture, and challenge core strength by utilizing the Pro-Roller with Pilates exercise. The Second Edition of Pro-Roller Pilates Essentials by Angela Kneale, OTR, now includes over 40 exercises that also improve your balance, strength and flexibility. Clear instructions and color photographs, 52 pages.


  • Softcover
  • Learn Pilates exercises
  • Clear, colorful instructions

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The PMA Pilates Certification Exam Study Guide

The PMA Pilates Certification Exam Study Guide Lowest new price: $35.96
Lowest used price: $60.74
List price: $39.95
Author: Deborah Lessen

The purpose of the PMA Pilates Certification Exam Study Guide is to provide a comprehensive review of topics specific to the Pilates Method as a tool for a candidate preparing for the PMA Pilates Certification Exam. The development of a valid examination for the PMA certification process began with a clear and concise definition of the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed for competent job performance. The knowledge and skill bases for the questions on the multiple-choice examination were derived from the actual practice of a diverse group of established Pilates teachers as out-lined in the 2005 PMA Role Delineation Study, and updated by a new group in 2011.

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Pilates Expanded Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair & Barrels Photo Encyclopedia

Pilates Expanded Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair & Barrels Photo Encyclopedia Lowest new price: $53.61
Lowest used price: $91.99
List price: $78.00
Author: Eme Cole

The Pilates Expanded Photo Encyclopedias are designed for Pilates instructors and experienced Pilates enthusiasts who wish to expand their repertoire of Pilates inspired exercises and variations. They are comprised of a multitude of movements for a variety of designated apparatus’ with basic cuing plus instructive photos to appease the visual learner. This photo encyclopedia is 4 manuals in 1 making it the largest collection of exercises available for the Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair and Barrels, including both traditional and progressive movements. The book totals 362 pages, 916 exercises, and 1,783 color photos. For more information, visit

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Pilates for Fragile Backs: Recovering Strength and Flexibility After Surgery, Injury, or Other Back Problems

Pilates for Fragile Backs: Recovering Strength and Flexibility After Surgery, Injury, or Other Back Problems Lowest new price: $10.91
Lowest used price: $5.88
List price: $18.95
Author: Oheneba Boachie-Adjei MD

Safe Techniques to Reduce Pain, Build Strength, and Speed Recovery

Studies suggest that proactive strengthening and flexibility-recovery exercises can speed healing after spine surgery. Whether you're preparing for or recovering from spinal surgery, recuperating from a back injury, or just dealing with a back that has 'issues,' this book offers an effective program to help you manage pain and regain strength and mobility.

These exercises modify traditional Pilates routines to accommodate partially immobilized spines, making this routine safe and effective therapy for your fragile back. The exercises are designed to not compromise a spinal fusion. Instead, they will do what Pilates exercises do best-stretch, strengthen, and tone the trunk with precise positioning and movement, while avoiding potentially dangerous repetition and overexertion.

Pilates for Fragile Backs is an excellent program for people who have had spinal fusion. The simple but effective Pilates-based exercises will help tremendously in reducing pain and restoring mobility.
-Vijay Vad, MD, assistant professor of rehabilitation medicine at the Weill Medical College of Cornell University and author of Back Rx and Arthritis Rx

…Adhering to a program of Pilates, as described in Pilates for Fragile Backs, under the guidance of a certified instructor can be a most useful means to improve back function and relieve pain. Clearly, this is a valuable therapeutic modality that is underutilized in today's current pain management programs associated with spinal disorders.
-Charles Birbara, MD, chief of rheumatology at Worcester City Hospital in Worcester, MA

In my practice, I constantly emphasize the importance of proper spinal alignment, good posture and a strong mid-section. Pilates for Fragile Backs highlights these points in an easy-to-follow exercise program for patients suffering with chronic back pain. I have recommended this program to many of my patients, and they are thrilled with the results.
-Anthony S. Rainka, DC, South County Chiropractic, Sutton, MA

As a physical therapist, I have been able to utilize the exercises in Pilates for Fragile Backs with my clients. They have shown a reduction in pain, an improvement in posture and balance, increased strength, and healthier muscle tone. Best of all, the program does wonders for their self-esteem.
-Pam Craig-Stewart, PT, director of rehabilitation at Christopher House in Worcester, MA

This book is a much needed labor of love that offers clear and helpful advice for anyone who has ever lived with chronic back pain. The spine problems addressed in this book are very challenging ones for doctors and therapists alike, and the authors use their first hand experience with spinal trauma to break new ground for exercise therapy. A specifically modified Pilates program indeed offers the possibility of comfort and relief for a largely under-served group in our society.
-Ellen Kiley, RYT, therapeutic yoga practitioner specializing in scoliosis and spinal fusion

I underwent an anterior/posterior fusion (L4-S1) over a year ago due to degenerative disk disease with annular tears. Since then, Pilates has done wonders for me. I started pursuing basic lumbar stabilization mat work a couple of months following surgery. I had urged my neurosurgeon to allow me to begin sooner than usual because I'd had a big increase in pain. My physical therapist felt it had to do with the stiffness that begins to set in as the weeks go by without stretching and exercising. I had every confidence that Pilates would improve my situation and I swear by it! I've been back to work full-time. I am also walking about four miles, three days a week! I'm sure Pilates for Fragile Backs will be a major help to many others.
-Diana Stahl, Cincinnati, OH

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Pilates REFORMER Training Manual (Official International Training Manual

Pilates REFORMER Training Manual (Official International Training Manual Lowest new price: $21.17
Lowest used price: $16.34
List price: $27.99
Author: Melinda Bryan

FOR DETAILED MOST UP TO DATE PILATES INSTRUCTION GET THE OFFICIAL MANUALS OF THE PILATES STUDIO® OF LOS ANGELES. Designed for everyone with Pictures to accompany every exercise. For the first time Since 1992, these easy to follow industry secret training manuals, previously available only to a selective few, have now been released to the world. USED BY CERTIFIED PILATES EXPERTS AS THE UNIVERSAL OFFICIAL PILATES TRAINING MANUALS WORLDWIDE. The REFORMER PILATES manual, is 1 of the series of 6 Pilates Manuals, authored by MELINDA BRYAN, Founder and Director of Performing Arts Physical Therapy & The Pilates Studio® of Los Angeles Since 1992. All 6 manuals have been recently revised to meet today s standards, and include some hard to find and rarely taught Pilates routines. These OFFICIAL MANUALS are based on the Original Pilates Teacher Certification Program developed by The Pilates Studio since 1992. The program was offered in California EXCLUSIVELY for years at The Pilates Studio of Los Angeles under the direction of Melinda Bryan. The Pilates Studio of LA, known as the very first Official Pilates Certification Center on the West Coast of the United States, is one of only two Original licensing centers in the world. As the former co-owner of the once federally registered trademark PILATES, almost twenty years ago, The Pilates Studio of LA played a vital role in bringing Pilates exercise into the public eye as one of the most effective fitness methods of our generation. Almost 2 decades have passed!... Long gone are the days when the BEST Pilates available were limited to the West Coast or the East Coast. The world has evolved and the time has come to bring Pilates to a whole new generation. Melinda with over 20 years of experience as one of the world's leading Principal Master Pilates Teacher Trainers, and her extensive Physical Therapy expertise, has applied current basic medical information to the method while at the same time maintaining all of the original principles and purity of the method. Book Size 8.5 W x 11 H

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Your Health: A Corrective System of Exercising that Revolutionizes the Entire Field of Physical Education

Your Health: A Corrective System of Exercising that Revolutionizes the Entire Field of Physical Education Lowest new price: $11.33
Lowest used price: $11.11
List price: $19.95
Author: Joseph H. Pilates

First published in 1934, this new reprint of Your Health includes Joseph Pilates’ early Twentieth Century philosophies, principles, and theories about health and fitness. He bases his work on the concept of a balanced body and mind, drawing on the approach espoused by the early Greeks. While some of his personal philosophies reflected early 20th Century viewpoints, his athletic and fitness doctrines were years ahead of his time. Readers will learn his observations and conclusions about people's approach to physical fitness. He describes the results of decades of scientific study, experimentation and research into the variety of troubles and ills that upset the balance of body and mind. Pilates makes extraordinary claims about the benefits of his defined science of "Contrology" and very specifically defines this science for all to read and understand. In this book, he exemplifies and clarifies the beneficial impact of his work.

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