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Linux Networking & Administration

Pro Puppet

Pro Puppet Lowest new price: $36.44
Lowest used price: $44.39
List price: $59.99
Author: Spencer Krum

Pro Puppet, Second Edition, now updated for Puppet 3, is an in-depth guide to installing, using, and developing the popular configuration management tool Puppet.

Puppet provides a way to automate everything from user management to server configuration. You'll learn how Puppet has changed in the latest version, how to use it on a variety of platforms, including Windows, how to work with Puppet modules, and how to use Hiera. 

Puppet is a must-have tool for system administrators, and Pro Puppet will teach you how to maximize its capabilities and customize it for your environment. 
Install and configure Puppet to immediately start automating tasks and create reporting solutions 

Learn insider tricks and techniques to better manage your infrastructure

Become a Puppet expert!

What you’ll learn

  • How to use Puppet to administer Linux, Unix, and Windows systems
  • Best practices for at-scale deployment
  • How to write reusable puppet modules for yourself and for the community
  • How to use numerous tools around Puppet such as rspec-puppet, Geppetto, and PuppetDB
  • Advanced Puppet Features such as Hiera and Mcollective

Who this book is for

System administrators who need to quickly get into the details of configuration management with Puppet. You don't need previous Puppet experience, but it will help if you've had some experience with configuration management.

For errata to this book, please visit the authors' error github at:

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started with Puppet
  2. Building Hosts with Puppet
  3. Working with Environments
  4. Scaling Puppet 
  5. Externalizing Puppet Configuration
  6. Exporting and Storing Configuration
  7. Puppet Consoles
  8. Tools and Integration
  9. Reporting with Puppet
  10. Extending Facter and Puppet
  11. MCollective
  12. Hiera: Separating Data From Code

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Linux Kernel Networking: Implementation and Theory

Linux Kernel Networking: Implementation and Theory Lowest new price: $41.94
Lowest used price: $51.54
List price: $59.99
Author: Rami Rosen

Linux Kernel Networking takes you on a guided in-depth tour of the current Linux networking implementation and the theory behind it. Linux kernel networking is a complex topic, so the book won't burden you with topics not directly related to networking. This book will also not overload you with cumbersome line-by-line code walkthroughs not directly related to what you're searching for; you'll find just what you need, with in-depth explanations in each chapter and a quick reference at the end of each chapter.

Linux Kernel Networking is the only up-to-date reference guide to understanding how networking is implemented, and it will be indispensable in years to come since so many devices now use Linux or operating systems based on Linux, like Android, and since Linux is so prevalent in the data center arena, including Linux-based virtualization technologies like Xen and KVM.

What you’ll learn

    •Kernel networking basics, including socket buffers
    •How key protocols like ARP, Neighbour Discovery and ICMP are implemented
    •In-depth looks at both IPv4 and IPv6
    •Everything you need to know about Linux routing
    •How netfilter and IPsec are implemented
    •Linux wireless networking
    •Additional topics like Network Namespaces, NFC, IEEE 802.15.4, Bluetooth, InfiniBand and more

      Who this book is for

      Software developers and architects, project managers, CTOs, network admins and architects, network security professionals, computer science researchers, and Linux kernel hackers. A basic knowledge of C and networking is required; basic knowledge of the Linux kernel is helpful but not mandatory.

      Table of Contents

      1. Introduction

      2. Netlink Sockets

      3. ICMP: Internet Control Message Protocol

      4. IPv4

      5. The IPv4 Routing Subsystem

      6. Advanced Routing

      7. Linux Neighboring Subsystem

      8. IPv6

      9. Netfilter

      10. IPsec

      11. Layer 4 Protocols

      12. Wireless in Linux

      13. InfiniBand

      14. Advanced Topics

      Appendix A: Linux API

      Appendix B: Network Administration

      Appendix C: Glossary

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      SSH Mastery: OpenSSH, PuTTY, Tunnels and Keys

      SSH Mastery: OpenSSH, PuTTY, Tunnels and Keys Lowest new price: $16.53
      Lowest used price: $16.76
      List price: $19.95
      Author: Michael W Lucas

      Secure Shell (SSH) lets systems administrators securely manage remote systems. But most people only use the bare minimum SSH offers. Used properly, SSH simplifies your job and improves security.

      This book saves you from sifting a decade of obsolete online tutorials and quickly gets you running:SSH with the OpenSSH server and the PuTTY and OpenSSH clients. You will:

      * Eliminate passwords.
      * Manage access to your SSH server by users, groups, addresses, and more
      * Securely move files around your network
      * Forward graphic displays from one host to another
      * Forward TCP/IP connections 
      * Centrally manage host keys and client configurations
      * Use SSH as a secure transport for other applications
      * Secure applications run over SSH
      * Build Virtual Private Networks with OpenSSH

      And more! This book quickly and painlessly simplifies life for anyone using SSH.

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      bash Pocket Reference (Pocket Reference (O'Reilly))

      bash Pocket Reference (Pocket Reference (O'Reilly)) Lowest new price: $5.16
      Lowest used price: $5.17
      List price: $9.99
      Author: Arnold Robbins

      It's simple: you need to know how to work with the bash shell if you want to get to the heart of Mac OS X, Linux, and other Unix systems. Updated for the most recent version of bash, this concise little book puts all of the essential information about bash at your fingertips. You'll quickly find answers to annoying questions that always come up when you're writing shell scripts -- What characters do you need to quote? How do you get variable substitution to do exactly what you want? How do you use arrays? -- and much more.

      If you're a user or programmer of any Unix variant, or if you're using bash on Windows, you'll find this pocket reference indispensable. This book covers:

      • Invoking the Shell
      • Syntax
      • Functions
      • Variables
      • Arithmetic Expressions
      • Command History
      • Programmable Completion
      • Job Control
      • Shell Options
      • Command Execution
      • Coprocesses
      • Restricted Shells
      • Built-in Commands

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      Linux Device Drivers, 3rd Edition

      Linux Device Drivers, 3rd Edition Lowest new price: $20.40
      Lowest used price: $14.99
      List price: $39.95
      Author: Jonathan Corbet

      Device drivers literally drive everything you're interested in--disks, monitors, keyboards, modems--everything outside the computer chip and memory. And writing device drivers is one of the few areas of programming for the Linux operating system that calls for unique, Linux-specific knowledge. For years now, programmers have relied on the classic Linux Device Drivers from O'Reilly to master this critical subject. Now in its third edition, this bestselling guide provides all the information you'll need to write drivers for a wide range of devices.

      Over the years the book has helped countless programmers learn:

      • how to support computer peripherals under the Linux operating system
      • how to develop and write software for new hardware under Linux
      • the basics of Linux operation even if they are not expecting to write a driver
      The new edition of Linux Device Drivers is better than ever. The book covers all the significant changes to Version 2.6 of the Linux kernel, which simplifies many activities, and contains subtle new features that can make a driver both more efficient and more flexible. Readers will find new chapters on important types of drivers not covered previously, such as consoles, USB drivers, and more.

      Best of all, you don't have to be a kernel hacker to understand and enjoy this book. All you need is an understanding of the C programming language and some background in Unix system calls. And for maximum ease-of-use, the book uses full-featured examples that you can compile and run without special hardware.

      Today Linux holds fast as the most rapidly growing segment of the computer market and continues to win over enthusiastic adherents in many application areas. With this increasing support, Linux is now absolutely mainstream, and viewed as a solid platform for embedded systems. If you're writing device drivers, you'll want this book. In fact, you'll wonder how drivers are ever written without it.

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      Kali Linux: Assuring Security By Penetration Testing

      Kali Linux: Assuring Security By Penetration Testing Lowest new price: $40.49
      Lowest used price: $49.26
      List price: $44.99
      Author: Tedi Heriyanto

      Master the art of penetration testing with Kali Linux


      • Learn penetration testing techniques with an in-depth coverage of Kali Linux distribution
      • Explore the insights and importance of testing your corporate network systems before the hackers strike
      • Understand the practical spectrum of security tools by their exemplary usage, configuration, and benefits

      In Detail

      Kali Linux is a comprehensive penetration testing platform with advanced tools to identify, detect, and exploit the vulnerabilities uncovered in the target network environment. With Kali Linux, you can apply appropriate testing methodology with defined business objectives and a scheduled test plan, resulting in a successful penetration testing project engagement.

      Kali Linux - Assuring Security By Penetration Testing is a fully focused, structured book providing guidance on developing practical penetration testing skills by demonstrating cutting-edge hacker tools and techniques with a coherent, step-by-step approach. This book offers you all of the essential lab preparation and testing procedures that reflect real-world attack scenarios from a business perspective, in today’s digital age.

      Starting with lab preparation and testing procedures that explain the basic installation and configuration set up, this guide then focuses on discussing types of penetration testing (black-box and white-box), uncovering open security testing methodologies, and proposing the Kali Linux specific testing process. A number of security assessment tools are discussed, including those necessary to conduct penetration testing in their respective categories, following the formal testing methodology. Each of these tools have been annotated with real-world examples in context of highlighting their practical usage and proven configuration techniques. Extra weaponry treasure is also provided, and key resources that may be crucial to any professional penetration tester are cited in this book.

      What you will learn from this book

      • Develop the Kali Linux environment in your test lab by installing, configuring, running, and updating its core system components
      • Draw a formal Kali Linux testing methodology
      • Scope your target with definitive test requirements, limitations, business objectives, and schedule the test plan
      • Practically exercise a number of security tools from Kali Linux, logically divided into sub-categories of testing methodology
      • Practice the processes of reconnaissance, discovery, enumeration, vulnerability mapping, social engineering, exploitation, privilege escalation, and maintaining access to target for evaluation purposes
      • Document, report, and present your verified test results to the relevant authorities in a formal reporting structure
      • Assess your target information system's environment built with various technologies, such as web applications, network administration servers, workstations, Cisco devices, firewalls, load balancers, routers, switches, intrusion detection and prevention devices, and many more
      • Examine and research the vulnerability in a greater detail before attempting to exploit it
      • Exploit human vulnerability by wrapping yourself with an art of deception to acquire the target

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      Guide to UNIX Using Linux (Networking (Course Technology))

      Guide to UNIX Using Linux (Networking (Course Technology)) Lowest new price: $130.00
      Lowest used price: $43.95
      List price: $176.95
      Author: Michael Palmer
      Brand: Brand: Cengage Learning

      Written with a clear, straightforward writing style and packed with step-by-step projects for direct, hands-on learning, Guide to UNIX Using Linux, 4E is the perfect resource for learning UNIX and Linux from the ground up. Through the use of practical examples, end-of-chapter reviews, and interactive exercises, novice users are transformed into confident UNIX/Linux users who can employ utilities, master files, manage and query data, create scripts, access a network or the Internet, and navigate popular user interfaces and software. The updated 4th edition incorporates coverage of the latest versions of UNIX and Linux, including new versions of Red Hat, Fedora, SUSE, and Ubuntu Linux. A new chapter has also been added to cover basic networking utilities, and several other chapters have been expanded to include additional information on the KDE and GNOME desktops, as well as coverage of the popular office suite. With a strong focus on universal UNIX and Linux commands that are transferable to all versions of Linux, this book is a "must-have" for anyone seeking to develop their knowledge of these systems.


      • Illustrations and updated screen captures clarify key concepts
      • Syntax/Dissection boxes for every command offer readers a summarization of the syntax, its use, and its commonly used command options, to provide a study aid and quick reference
      • Hands-on projects at the end of each chapter provide clear, step-by-step practice for applying what has been learned
      • Discovery Exercises at the end of each chapter range from easy to challenging to encourage readers to continue to further their knowledge
      • Free copy of most current distribution of Fedora Core (Linux) included to complete hands-on projects and Discovery Exercises

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      Web Penetration Testing with Kali Linux

      Web Penetration Testing with Kali Linux Lowest new price: $44.99
      Lowest used price: $60.46
      List price: $49.99
      Author: Joseph Muniz

      A practical guide to implementing penetration testing strategies on websites, web applications, and standard web protocols with Kali Linux


      • Learn key reconnaissance concepts needed as a penetration tester
      • Attack and exploit key features, authentication, and sessions on web applications
      • Learn how to protect systems, write reports, and sell web penetration testing services

      In Detail

      Kali Linux is built for professional penetration testing and security auditing. It is the next-generation of BackTrack, the most popular open-source penetration toolkit in the world. Readers will learn how to think like real attackers, exploit systems, and expose vulnerabilities.

      Even though web applications are developed in a very secure environment and have an intrusion detection system and firewall in place to detect and prevent any malicious activity, open ports are a pre-requisite for conducting online business. These ports serve as an open door for attackers to attack these applications. As a result, penetration testing becomes essential to test the integrity of web-applications. Web Penetration Testing with Kali Linux is a hands-on guide that will give you step-by-step methods on finding vulnerabilities and exploiting web applications.

      "Web Penetration Testing with Kali Linux" looks at the aspects of web penetration testing from the mind of an attacker. It provides real-world, practical step-by-step instructions on how to perform web penetration testing exercises.

      You will learn how to use network reconnaissance to pick your targets and gather information. Then, you will use server-side attacks to expose vulnerabilities in web servers and their applications. Client attacks will exploit the way end users use web applications and their workstations. You will also learn how to use open source tools to write reports and get tips on how to sell penetration tests and look out for common pitfalls.

      On the completion of this book, you will have the skills needed to use Kali Linux for web penetration tests and expose vulnerabilities on web applications and clients that access them.

      What you will learn from this book

      • Perform vulnerability reconnaissance to gather information on your targets
      • Expose server vulnerabilities and take advantage of them to gain privileged access
      • Exploit client-based systems using web application protocols
      • Learn how to use SQL and cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks
      • Steal authentications through session hijacking techniques
      • Harden systems so other attackers do not exploit them easily
      • Generate reports for penetration testers
      • Learn tips and trade secrets from real world penetration testers


      "Web Penetration Testing with Kali Linux" contains various penetration testing methods using BackTrack that will be used by the reader. It contains clear step-by-step instructions with lot of screenshots. It is written in an easy to understand language which will further simplify the understanding for the user.

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      Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Administration: Real World Skills for Red Hat Administrators

      Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Administration: Real World Skills for Red Hat Administrators Lowest new price: $31.49
      Lowest used price: $31.70
      List price: $59.99
      Author: Sander van Vugt
      Brand: Brand: Sybex

      The definitive guide to administering a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 network

      Linux professionals who need a go-to guide on version 6 of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) will find what they need in this comprehensive Sybex book. It covers RHEL administration in detail, including how to set up and manage web and mail services, use RHEL in enterprise environments, secure it, optimize storage, configure for virtualization and high availability, and much more. It also provides a great study aid for those preparing for either the RHCSA or RHCE certification exam.

      • Red Hat is the Linux market leader, and Red Hat administrators are in demand
      • This Sybex guide is a comprehensive resource on Red Hat Enterprise Linux administration and useful for those preparing for one of the Red Hat certification exams
      • Covers setting up and managing web and mail services, using RHEL in enterprise environments, securing RHEL, and optimizing storage to fit your environment
      • Explores advanced RHEL configurations, including virtualization and high availability

      Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Administration is the guide Linux professionals and Red Hat administrators need to stay current on the newest version.


      • Used Book in Good Condition

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      BackTrack 5 Wireless Penetration Testing Beginner's Guide

      BackTrack 5 Wireless Penetration Testing Beginner's Guide Lowest new price: $47.03
      Lowest used price: $39.22
      List price: $49.99
      Author: Vivek Ramachandran

      Written in Packt's Beginner's Guide format, you can easily grasp the concepts and understand the techniques to perform wireless attacks in your lab. Every new attack is described in the form of a lab exercise with rich illustrations of all the steps associated. You will practically implement various attacks as you go along. If you are an IT security professional or a security consultant who wants to get started with wireless testing with Backtrack, or just plain inquisitive about wireless security and hacking, then this book is for you. The book assumes that you have familiarity with Backtrack and basic wireless concepts.

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