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Mobile & Wireless Computing: Programming

Beginning iOS 7 Development: Exploring the iOS SDK

Beginning iOS 7 Development: Exploring the iOS SDK Lowest new price: $34.90
Lowest used price: $34.91
List price: $49.99
Author: Jack Nutting

The team that brought you the bestselling Beginning iPhone Development is back again for Beginning iOS 7 Development, bringing this definitive guide up-to-date with Apple's latest and greatest iOS 7 SDK, as well as with the latest version of Xcode.

There’s coverage of brand-new technologies, including a new chapter on Apple's Sprite Kit framework for game development, as well as significant updates to existing material. You'll have everything you need to create your very own apps for the latest iOS devices. Every single sample app in the book has been rebuilt from scratch using latest Xcode and the latest 64-bit iOS 7-specific project templates, and designed to take advantage of the latest Xcode features.

Assuming only a minimal working knowledge of Objective-C, and written in a friendly, easy-to-follow style, Beginning iOS 7 Development offers a complete soup-to-nuts course in iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch programming. The book starts with the basics, walking through the process of downloading and installing Xcode and the iOS 7 SDK, and then guides you though the creation of your first simple application.

From there, you’ll learn how to integrate all the interface elements iOS users have come to know and love, such as buttons, switches, pickers, toolbars, and sliders. You’ll master a variety of design patterns, from the simplest single view to complex hierarchical drill-downs. The confusing art of table building will be demystified, and you’ll learn how to save your data using the iPhone file system. You’ll also learn how to save and retrieve your data using a variety of persistence techniques, including Core Data and SQLite. And there’s much more! 

What you’ll learn

  • Everything you need to know to develop your own bestselling iPhone and iPad apps
  • Best practices for optimizing your code and delivering great user experiences
  • What data persistence is, and why it’s important
  • Get started with building cool, crisp user interfaces
  • How to display data in Table Views
  • How to draw to the screen using Core Graphics
  • How to use iOS sensor capabilities to map your world
  • How to get your app to work with iCloud and more

    Who this book is for

    This book is for aspiring iPhone app developers, new to the iOS SDK.  Some prior experience with Objective-C is recommended but not required.

    Table of Contents

    1. Welcome to the Jungle
    2. Appeasing the Tiki Gods
    3. Handling Basic Interaction
    4. More User Interface Fun
    5. Autorotation and Autosizing
    6. Multiview Applications
    7. Tab Bars and Pickers
    8. Introduction to Table Views
    9. Navigation Controllers and Table Views
    10. Collection Views
    11. iPad Considerations
    12. Application Settings and User Defaults
    13. Basic Data Persistence
    14. Hey! You! Get onto iCloud!
    15. Grand Central Dispatch, Background Processing, and You
    16. Core Graphics: Drawing with Quartz
    17. Getting Started with Sprite Kit
    18. Taps, Touches, and Gestures
    19. Where Am I? Finding Your Way with Core Location and Map Kit
    20. Whee! Gyro and Accelerometer!
    21. The Camera and Photo Library
    22. Application Localization

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    Android User Interface Design: Turning Ideas and Sketches into Beautifully Designed Apps (Usability)

    Android User Interface Design: Turning Ideas and Sketches into Beautifully Designed Apps (Usability) Lowest new price: $22.92
    Lowest used price: $21.64
    List price: $39.99
    Author: Ian G. Clifton

    Build Android Apps That Are Stunningly Attractive, Functional, and Intuitive

    In today’s crowded Android marketplace, it’s more important than ever to differentiate your apps. Great design is the best way to do that. Now, leading Android app design expert Ian G. Clifton shows you how to make your apps come alive and how to deliver apps that users will want, love, and buy!

    Reflecting the Android 4.2 SDK, this book serves both as a tutorial for the entire design and implementation process and as a handy reference you’ll rely on for every Android development project.

    Clifton shows how to create effective designs, organize them into Android components, and move gracefully from idea, to wireframe, to comp, to finished app. You’ll learn how to bring your own voice, personality, and style to your app designs; how to leverage advanced drawing techniques such as PorterDuff compositing; how to test designs on diverse Android devices; and much more.

    Android User Interface Design details each step of the design and development process and contains extensive downloadable sample code, including complete finished apps.

    • Learn how Android has evolved to support outstanding app design
    • Integrate app design with development, from idea through deployment
    • Understand views, the building blocks of Android user interfaces
    • Make the most of wireframes and prototypes
    • Build efficient layouts and integrate smooth animations
    • Make apps more useful by automatically updating ListViews
    • Combine views into custom components
    • Use image compositing and other advanced techniques
    • Work with the canvas and advanced drawing
    • Leverage Google Play and Amazon Appstore assets

    One step at a time, this guide helps you bridge the gap between Android developers and designers so you can work with colleagues to create world-class app designs...or do it yourself!

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    The Mobile Web Designer's Idea Book: The Ultimate Guide to Trends, Themes and Styles in Mobile Web Design

    The Mobile Web Designer's Idea Book: The Ultimate Guide to Trends, Themes and Styles in Mobile Web Design Lowest new price: $13.94
    Lowest used price: $17.01
    List price: $30.00
    Author: Patrick McNeil
    Brand: HOW Design

    Quick inspiration from mobile designers!

    Featuring more than 700 examples, Mobile Web Designer's Idea Book is packed with visual inspiration for creating top-notch mobile web designs. Web design expert Patrick McNeil, author of the popular Web Designer's Idea Book series, is back, this time with an in-depth look at trends, styles, themes and patterns in mobile web design.

    Arranged thematically, this inspiring and informative guide puts important mobile web topics at your fingertips. Discover what you need to know about:

    • Frameworks
    • Navigation
    • Design styles
    • Design elements
    • Site types
    • And more!
    Keep your projects relevant in this fast paced and ever-changing world of mobile web with this indispensable reference.

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    The Core iOS Developer's Cookbook (5th Edition) (Developer's Library)

    The Core iOS Developer's Cookbook (5th Edition) (Developer's Library) Lowest new price: $26.24
    Lowest used price: $24.73
    List price: $44.99
    Author: Erica Sadun

    Completely updated for iOS 7 and Xcode 5

    This book brings together reliable, proven solutions for the heart of day-to-day iOS 7 development. Renowned  iOS programming expert Erica Sadun and top iOS developer Rich Wardwell cover all you need to create successful iOS 7 mobile apps with standard APIs and interface elements and take full advantage of iOS 7 graphics,  touches, and views.

    As in all of Sadun’s iOS bestsellers, The Core iOS Developer’s Cookbook translates modern best practices  into working code, distilling key concepts into concise recipes you can easily understand and apply in your own  projects. This isn’t just cut-and-paste; using examples, Sadun and Wardwell fully explain both the “how” and “why” of effective iOS 7 development.

    All code is fully revised and extensively tested to reflect new iOS 7 features and device capabilities.  

    Coverage includes

    • Creating advanced direct touch-based interfaces with multi-touch, gestures, and custom gesture  recognizers
    • Building and customizing controls in powerful  new ways
    • Creating interfaces that reflect the new iOS 7 design paradigm
    • Implementing new iOS 7 motion effects
    • Alerting users via pop-ups, progress bars, local  notifications, popovers, audio pings, and more
    • Using Xcode modules to easily integrate system frameworks and headers
    • Assembling views and animation, organizing view hierarchies, and understanding how views work together
    • Supporting multiple screen geometries with the breakthrough iOS 7 Auto Layout constraints system
    • Controlling keyboards, making onscreen  elements “text aware,” and efficiently scanning  and formatting text
    • Organizing user workspaces with view controllers
    • Managing photos, videos, email, and text messages
    • Leveraging the enhanced iOS 7 support for social media activities, including Flickr and Vimeo
    • Implementing VoiceOver accessibility, including  new iOS 7 text-to-speech
    • Getting started with Core Data-managed data stores
    • Leveraging the powerful iOS 7 networking and  web services support
    • Using the new iOS 7 APIs and added flexibility  to enhance everything from reliability to  text appearance
    • Working around new iOS 7 problems and bugs

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    Xcode 5 Start to Finish: iOS and OS X Development (Developer's Library)

    Xcode 5 Start to Finish: iOS and OS X Development (Developer's Library) Lowest new price: $30.00
    List price: $44.99
    Author: Fritz Anderson

    Use Xcode 5 to Write Great iOS and OS X Apps!

    Xcode 5 Start to Finish will help you use the tools in Apple’s Xcode 5 to improve productivity, write great code, and leverage the newest iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks features.

    Drawing on thirty years of experience developing for Apple platforms and helping others do so, Fritz Anderson shows you a complete best-practice Xcode workflow. Through three full sample projects, you’ll learn to integrate testing, source control, and other key skills into a high-efficiency process that works.

    Anderson shows you better ways to storyboard, instrument, build, and compile code, and helps you apply innovations ranging from Quick Look to Preview Assistant. By the time you’re finished, you’ll have the advanced Xcode skills to develop outstanding software.

    Coverage includes

    • Setting breakpoints and tracing execution for active debugging
    • Creating libraries by adding and building new targets
    • Integrating Git or Subversion version control
    • Creating iOS projects with MVC design
    • Designing Core Data schemas for iOS apps
    • Linking data models to views
    • Designing UI views with Interface Builder
    • Using the improved Xcode 5 Autolayout editor
    • Improving reliability with unit testing
    • Simplifying iOS provisioning
    • Leveraging refactoring and continual error checking
    • Using OS X bindings, bundles, packages, frameworks, and property lists
    • Localizing your apps
    • Controlling how Xcode builds source code into executables
    • Analyzing processor and memory usage with Instruments
    • Integrating with Mavericks Server’s sleek continuous integration system

    Visit for access to this title’s downloadable code. 

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    Mobile HTML5

    Mobile HTML5 Lowest new price: $21.57
    Lowest used price: $18.99
    List price: $39.99
    Author: Estelle Weyl

    Build kickass websites and applications for all mobile (and non-mobile) platforms by adding HTML5 and CSS3 to your web development toolkit. With this hands-on book, you’ll learn how to develop web apps that not only work on iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone, but also perform well and provide good user experience.

    With lots of code and markup examples, you’ll learn best practices for using HTML5 features, including new web forms, SVG, Canvas, localStorage, and related APIs. You’ll also get an in-depth look at CSS3, and discover how to design apps for large monitors and tiny screens alike.

    • Learn HTML5’s elements, syntax, and semantics
    • Build forms that provide enhanced usability with less JavaScript
    • Explore HTML5 media APIs for graphics, video, and audio
    • Enable your applications to work offline, using AppCache, localStorage, and other APIs
    • Learn what you need to know about CSS3 selectors and syntax
    • Dive into CSS3 features such as multiple backgrounds, gradients, border-images, transitions, transforms, and animations
    • Make your web applications usable, responsive, and accessible.
    • Design for performance, user experience, and reliability on all platforms

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    Programming Android: Java Programming for the New Generation of Mobile Devices

    Programming Android: Java Programming for the New Generation of Mobile Devices Lowest new price: $23.00
    Lowest used price: $16.76
    List price: $44.99
    Author: Zigurd Mednieks

    Get thoroughly up to speed on Android programming, and learn how to create up-to-date user experiences for both handsets and tablets. With this book's extensively revised second edition, you'll focus on Android tools and programming essentials, including best practices for using Android 4 APIs. If you're experienced with Java or Objective-C, you'll gain the knowledge necessary for building well-engineered applications.

    Programming Android is organized into four parts:

    • Part One helps programmers with some Java or iOS experience get off to a fast start with the Android SDK and Android programming basics.
    • Part Two delves into the Android framework, focusing on user interface and graphics class hierarchies, concurrency, and databases. It's a solid foundation for understanding of how the most important parts of an Android application work.
    • Part Three features code skeletons and patterns for accelerating the development of apps that use web data and Android 4 user interface conventions and APIs.
    • Part Four delivers practical coverage of Android's multimedia, search, location, sensor, and account APIs, plus the Native Development Kit, enabling developers to add advanced capabilities.

    This updated edition of Programming Android focuses on the knowledge and developer priorities that are essential for successful Android development projects.

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    Xamarin Cross-platform Application Development

    Xamarin Cross-platform Application Development Lowest new price: $40.49
    Lowest used price: $82.17
    List price: $44.99
    Author: Jonathan Peppers

    Develop production-ready applications for iOS and Android using Xamarin


    • Write native iOS and Android applications with Xamarin
    • Add native functionality to your apps such as push notifications, camera, and GPS location
    • Learn various strategies for cross-platform development

    In Detail

    Developing a mobile application for just one platform is becoming a thing of the past. Companies expect their apps to be supported on both iOS and Android, whilst leveraging the best native features of both. Xamarin's tools help solve this requirement by giving developers a single toolset to target both platforms.

    "Xamarin Cross-platform Application Development" is a step-by-step guide for building professional applications for iOS and Android. The book walks you through building a chat application, complete with a backend web service and native features such as GPS location, camera, and push notifications.

    This book begins with iOS and Android application fundamentals, then moves on to sharing code, and eventually digs deeper into native functionality. By the end of the book, readers will have successfully built a cross-platform application ready for submitting to app stores. You will gain an in-depth knowledge about the concepts of building cross platform applications.

    "Xamarin Cross-platform Application Development" also covers native iOS and Android APIs, unit testing, building a real web service with Windows Azure, push notifications, interacting with the camera and GPS, leveraging Java and Objective-C libraries, and finally app store submission. Towards the end of the book you will feel confident in developing your own Xamarin applications.

    "Xamarin Cross-platform Application Development" will teach you everything you need to know to develop an end-to-end, cross-platform solution with Xamarin.

    What you will learn from this book

    • Familiarize yourself with Apple's MVC design pattern
    • Understand the Android activity lifecycle
    • Share C# code across platforms
    • Implement a web service with Azure Mobile Services
    • Deploy and debug your application on mobile devices
    • Call native Objective-C or Java libraries from C#
    • Use Xamarin.Mobile for camera, contacts, and location
    • Submit your app to the Apple App Store and Google Play


    "Xamarin Cross-platform Application Development" is an end-to-end walk-through tutorial on developing applications for both iOS and Android. It offers clear and detailed explanations of each stage in the process, making it easier for you to master the creation of stable, production-ready, cross-platform apps.

    Who this book is written for

    This book is for C# developers who are interested in mobile application development. If you have experience with desktop or web applications, this book will serve as a great tool to give you a head start with cross-platform development.

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    Introduction to Android Application Development: Android Essentials (4th Edition) (Developer's Library)

    Introduction to Android Application Development: Android Essentials (4th Edition) (Developer's Library) Lowest new price: $26.16
    Lowest used price: $26.39
    List price: $44.99
    Author: Joseph Annuzzi Jr.

    Bonus KitKat material is available for download at

    What Every Android™ App Developer Should Know Today: Android Tools, App/UI Design, Testing, Publishing, And More

    Introduction to Android™ Application Development, Fourth Edition

    This fully reworked edition of a proven title is the most useful real-world guide to building robust, commercial-grade Android™ apps. The content is revised and updated for the latest Android 4.3 SDK and the newest development best practices. Introduction to AndroidApplication Development: Android Essentials covers all you need to quickly start developing professional apps for today’s Android devices. Three expert developers guide you through setting up your development environment, designing user interfaces, developing for diverse devices, and optimizing your entire app-development process—from design through publication. Updated throughout, this title includes extensive coverage of the most useful new Android tools and utilities. It adds an all-new chapter on planning an amazing Android app user experience, plus extensive new coverage of unit testing, dialogs, preferences, and app publishing. Throughout, key concepts are taught through clear, up-to-date example code.


    This edition offers

    • Fully updated introductions to the latest Android 4.3 APIs, tools, utilities, and best practices
    • Up-to-date strategies for leveraging new Android capabilities while preserving compatibility
    • Navigation patterns and code samples for delivering more intuitive user experiences
    • Example-based explanations of ActionBars, DialogFragments, and other key concepts
    • Expert automated testing techniques to quickly improve code quality
    • New Google Play Developer Console app publishing techniques that also offer more control


    For Android developers at all levels of experience, this reference is now more valuable than ever. Students, instructors, and self-learners will especially appreciate new chapter-ending questions and exercises, carefully designed to test knowledge and deepen mastery.

    Note: This revamped, newly titled edition is a complete update of Android™ Wireless Application Development, Volume I: Android Essentials, Third Edition


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    Android from A to D

    Android from A to D Lowest new price: $14.19
    Lowest used price: $16.11
    List price: $15.85
    Author: Mr. Scott L. Hecht

    This book is a collection of notes I created while learning Android programming in order to create my first Android app, "EquityYo! Stock and Fund Database". While I am no Android programming genius (that much is certain!), I thought it would be a good idea to gather together all of those tiny little programming tips and tricks I've found along the way and place them in one spot. I do not claim that everything in this book is 100% original and I fully admit to copy-and-pasting a few tidbits from the Android documentation and (The money you are paying for this book is for the grueling six months it took me to learn basic Android programming, code the examples, test them all, research problems and, finally, write it all down in a pleasing and, hopefully, enlightening and edifying format.) With that said, all of the examples shown in the book, as well as the code, I created myself. Since I am an Android novice, whether you can actually learn Android programming by reading this collection of notes remains to be seen. I'm sure there are spots throughout this book in which you will say "What the heck are you talking about?". Good luck in your Android studies!!

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