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Industrial & Scientific

Decade Boxes

OS-270 Electronically Controlled Resistance Decade Box / RTD Simulator

OS-270 Electronically Controlled Resistance Decade Box / RTD Simulator Lowest new price: $1,289.00
Brand: OS-270

The revolutionary ohmSOURCE Microprocessor Controlled Resistance Decade Boxes are like nothing you have ever seen before! Microprocessor-controlled and loaded with innovative features, the ohmSOURCE Programmable Resistance Decade Boxes succeeds in providing highly accurate and precise resistance values in an intuitive and user-friendly fashion. With a resistance value range of up to 2.4 M? and a power rating of up to 1 Watt, the handheld ohmSOURCE decade boxes are practical for all industries including automotive, medical, test and measurement, telecommunications, and HVAC.


  • Range 0.01 ohm - 1.5 Megohm
  • Accuracy 0.01%
  • Compact, convenient, and rugged
  • Uses Real Resistiors, Very User Frendly, Excellent for RTD Simulation
  • Enter Resistance Values Using a calculator-style keypad

RS-200  Resistance Decade Box

RS-200  Resistance Decade Box Lowest new price: $174.00
Brand: IET Labs, Inc

The RS Series Resistance Substitution Box is the most commonly used decade box on the market today. The RS Series is not only easier to use, but it is also priced lower than most its competition. The easy of use and 0.1% accuracy makes the RS Box ideal for daily verification of test equipment before measurements, troubleshooting in the field or on the factory floor. One nice feature of the RS Series is that it uses convenient side by side, color coded, thumbwheel switches allowing for direct reading - There is no fumbling with multiple slide or rotary switches. Simply dial in the desired values and use! Made of high impact plastic and weighing less then a pound, these substituters are very portable and can reduce clutter on a busy lab bench. Datasheet


  • Range 1 ohm - 10 Megohm
  • Accuracy 1%
  • Compact, convenient, and rugged
  • Error proof- Since the impedance are read directly, mistakes can not be made as with slide switch de

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SN74LS90N Lowest new price: $0.20
Brand: American Microsemiconductor

SN74LS90N Military/High-Rel:NTech.:TTLMaxumim Modulus:10Circuits Per Package:1Preload (Y/N):Nof(oper) Max. (Hz):32MNom. Supp Volt:5.0Maximum Operating Temp (øC):70Package Style:DIPMounting Style:T# Pins:14Heat Sink Temperatureð Nota Bene: Image is not true representation of part Nota Bene: Image is not true representation of part



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Decade Resistance Box, Variable from 0-11,110 Ohms

Decade Resistance Box, Variable from 0-11,110 Ohms Lowest new price: $39.77
List price: $70.00
Brand: EISCO

This decade resistance substitution box provides 4 decade ranges asgiven below and total value 0 to 11110 Ohms with a resolution of 1 Ohm. Each decade is selected using rotary switch. All resistance values are of ±1% tolerance and 2 watts maximum ratings.


  • Standard decade resistance box
  • Up to a total of 11,110 Ohms
  • Resolution at 1, 10, 100, and 1000 Ohms

ARLINGTON LV1LP Low Profile Low Voltage Mounting Bracket

ARLINGTON LV1LP Low Profile Low Voltage Mounting Bracket Lowest new price: $0.85

Mounting Bracket, Low Profile, Low Voltage, Mounts Low Voltage Class 2 Communication Outlets to the Front of Drywall Function, Non-Metallic, Bracket Is Its Own Template For Cut Out, Adjusts To Fit 1/4 In. To 5/8 In. Thick Wallboard, Paneling Or Drywall, Mounting Wings Hold Bracket Securely Against Wall When Screws Are Tightened., Number of Gangs 1, Length (In.) 4.26, Width (In.) 2.50, Depth (In.) 1.20, Raised (In.) 1/4 to 1, White Color, Number of 1/2 In. Side Knockouts 0 Low Voltage Mounting BracketsFor mounting low voltage Class 2 communication outlets to the front of drywall. PVC construction. Mounting wings hold bracket securely against wall as the mounting screws are tightened. Bracket is its own mounting template, except for 6XXC5. 6XXC6 and 6XXC7 adjust to fit 1/4"- to 5/8"-thick drywall, paneling or wallboard.All models are UL Listed and CSA Certified.


  • Low Profile, Low Voltage

CD4017B Decade Counter IC

Lowest new price: $0.65
Brand: NightFire Electronics

CD4017B Decade Counter / Divider with 10 decoded outputs. This is the IC that is used in many LED circuits. It is a DIP-16 pin IC.


  • DIP-16 pin
  • Decade Counter / Divider
  • Used in LED Chase circuits and many other places
  • CMOS Low Power
  • Integrated Circuit

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Global Specialties RDB-10 Resistance Decade Box, 0.3 ohm

Global Specialties RDB-10 Resistance Decade Box, 0.3 ohm Lowest new price: $99.00
List price: $99.00
Brand: Global Specialties
Model: RDB-10

Model RDB-10 is a hand held Resistance decade box that creates a specific resistance value using a combination of switches. Designed with accuracy to meet the needs of industry and education alike. The RDB-10 is a compact, convenient tool for aiding in engineering design and testing as well as calibration of test equipment. It offers 7 decades of resistance ranges, from 1 ohm to over 11 megaohm in 1 ohm steps. Easy-to-use slide switches allow for straightforward addition and subtraction of resistance values. RDB-10 is a passive device that requires no power source. The unit is housed in a rugged handheld enclosure with an impact resistant rubber boot. Ideal for service, prototype and experimental and educational use. Input terminals accept standard banana plugs, bare wires, spade lugs or alligator clip. 1 ohm to 11,111,110 ohm in 1 ohm steps resistance. 0.3 ohm internal resistance. 1 watt resistors Power. 2 binding posts connection. 32 to 122 degree F operating conditions temperature. < 80 percent RH humidity. Measures 6" length by 3-11/16" width by 1-57/64" height.


  • Calibrate test equipment with its high accuracy of 1 percent
  • 28 switches organized in a clean 4 x 7 grid for easy use
  • All switches clearly display a visible white dot when in the on position
  • Includes a protective rubber holster with tilt-stand for ease of use and viewing
  • 1 year warranty

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NTE74LS290 Lowest new price: $4.52
Brand: American Microsemiconductor

NTE74LS290 Preload (Y/N):No
# Pins:14
# Pins:Õ
Mounting Style:T
Maxumim Modulus:10
Package Style:DIP
Nom. Supp Volt:5.0
Circuits Per Package:1
Maximum Operating Temp (øC):70
Nota Bene: Image is not true representation of part Nota Bene: Image is not true representation of part


  • NTE74LS290 BCD-Output Decade Up Counter

Decade Resistance Box

Lowest new price: $43.00

Decade Resistance PCB 0Ω-1MΩ Part number 120065 This Decade Resistance Board is not in a box because a box will just add cost to the product. It works perfect just a bare PCB. This decade resistance PCB is capable of providing 0Ω-1MΩ of resistance at 1% accuracy in increments of 1Ω. The PCB measures 3.4"W by 2.5"L. Small and compact so you can keep it in your travel tool kit. The PCB comes with 3 different ways to hookup your wires: male 0.1" header, female 0.1" header, and a flying lead spring cage connection. The DecadeResistance PCB consists of the following key components: · Rotary Switch 1 POL 10 POS D SHAFT (PN# SR2513F-0110-19F0A-T-N, Alpha) o · KnobsSOFT TCH D SH GY/YL (PN# 450-4662, Eagle Plastic Devices) o · SpringCage Fixed Terminal Blocks PTS 1,5/ 2-5,0-H (PN# 1792863,Phoenix Contact) o EagleCADschematics and PCB files are available for download at


  • Decade Resistance PCB
  • 0 ohms to 999,999 ohms
  • Small and Portable

Outlet Cover, 1 Gang, Low Profile, Bronze

Outlet Cover, 1 Gang, Low Profile, Bronze Lowest new price: $20.00
Brand: TayMac

Collapsible Outlet Cover, Low Profile, Weatherproof Cover, For Use With Electricial Outlet, Characteristics Vertical Metal Cover, Length (In.) 6.108, Width (In.) 4.023, Depth (In.) 1.25, Color Bronze, Cover Material Plastic, Number of 1/2 In. Side Knockouts 0, Gasket Material Polyethylene Foam, Material of Construction Metal, Standards UL and ETL

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