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Garage Bands

Steppenwolf: All Time Greatest Hits

Steppenwolf: All Time Greatest Hits Lowest new price: $6.47
Lowest used price: $6.17
List price: $10.99

The 18 tracks you need from the ultimate biker band! Includes Born to Be Wild; Magic Carpet Ride; Sookie Sookie; The Pusher; Monster/Suicide/America; Rock Me; It's Never Too Late; Move Over; Hey Lawdy Mama , and more.

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Icky Thump

Icky Thump Lowest new price: $3.30
Lowest used price: $0.01
List price: $13.98

The platinum-selling, multi-Grammyr- winning and highly acclaimed The White Stripes move to Warner Bros. for Icky Thump, the most sonically bombastic album the band has made. While revealing the band's roots in American folk music, Icky Thump is an explosive, revolutionary assault that brings together garage rock, every blues style of the past 100 years, nouveau flamenco, Jack White's fastest guitar solo ever recorded, hard country, speed metal, a slide guitar epic, surf music, spoken word and even bagpipes to create a modern rock 'n' roll masterpiece.

Bagpipes, a song written as the soundtrack to a Michel Gondry music video, Patti Page's musical shadow, and Jack and Meg co-narrating a scavenger's rummages: It must be time for Icky Thump, the many-flavored riposte to 2006's Get Behind Me Satan. The duo starts big with the title track--Jack's fast-tumbling, falsetto-tinged lyrics jagging on hyper keyboard-sounding segues and Meg's pounding drums. They rarely shy from an idea, invoking acoustic Bob Dylan to frame "300 M.P.H. Torrential Outpour Blues," but interjecting a series of distortion-laden guitar paroxysms for good measure. The end of Icky, on "Effect and Cause," is where Jack's trademark vocal warble and spare, quick acoustic strums meet Meg's single-minded beats. Everywhere on Icky giant riffs leap and shout, with Flamenco horns and those eerie bagpipes and rhythmic shifts and Jack's impatient vocal kinetics, marking new territories even as the White Stripes again populate them with vintage ideas. --Andrew Bartlett

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Attack and Release

Attack and Release Lowest new price: $5.10
Lowest used price: $3.00
List price: $15.98

On Attack and Release, Danger Mouse is more creative co- conspirator than traditional figure behind the boards. He doesn't radically alter the duo 's sound so much as coax out more of its inherent soulfulness, groove and bittersweet emotion. Two versions of 'Remember When' illustrate how the duo can swing easily from smoldering ballad to thrashing rocker. 'I' m more pleased with the sound of this record than any one we'v e ever made,' says Carney, and Auerbach concurs: 'We never let it all go l ike we did for this one, anything was game. It was just fun to make, and that's why I t hink it's so successful.'

Of all the two-piece rock bands (Dresden Dolls, The White Stripes, The Kills, John & Jehn) out there making a royal racket, The Black Keys are by far the least affected by the last three decades of popular music, and evolution. Even more so than Jack & Meg. Which makes you check the album credits twice and then seek a second opinion--produced by celebrated uber-producer, superstar DJ and one half of Gnarls Barkley, the ubiquitous and really quite modern Danger Mouse?! No, your eyes do not deceive you, but thankfully neither do your ears. He may have brought a discipline and expensive sheen to Attack & Release, the riffing is buffed up real good, but this is essentially the same band that continues to live less of a life and more a Jimi Hendrix Experience. If there is a change it's that for the first time their foot is teased off the accelerator, with "Lies", "Remember When (Side A)" and "Oceans & Streams" loosening their shoulders and playing a more chilled brand of dusty sunset southern blues, adding in keys and new layers of texture (is that really a flute on "Same Old Thing"?!). There's still plenty of chance, on the massive Zeppelin-esque "Strange Times" and "Remember When (Side B)" for instance, to leave a boot mark though. More release than attack this time around, but the key still fits. --James Berry

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Is This It [Vinyl]

Is This It [Vinyl] Lowest new price: $12.23
Lowest used price: $17.44
List price: $20.98

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Magic Potion

Magic Potion Lowest new price: $5.97
Lowest used price: $4.99
List price: $11.98

Magic Potion, the Black Keys' fourth album, is a spectacularly stripped-down set of sneakily melodic blues-besotted rock concocted in the Akron, Ohio basement studio of drummer Patrick Carney. Guitarist-singer Dan Auedback is possessed of a compelling, hurt-beyond-his-years voice and an approach to lead guitar that is both wildly expressive and utterly succinct. The self-taught Carney, who anchors these tracks, may force writers to return "heavy" to the rock-critic lexicon as a seriously praiseworthy term. The Black Keys maintain a punk terseness to their adamantly do-it-yourself sound; they're as single-minded in their idiosyncratic evocation of the electric Mississippi blues as artists like the late Junior Kimbrough and R. L. Burnside as the Ramones were about early sixties rock and roll. However, there is nothing high-concept or ironically distanced about their style; it's all sweat, sincerity and as much swagger as Carney's basement allows.

All hail the riff king! The Black Keys' guitarist/singer Dan Auerbach has the meanest way with a hook since Jimmy Page. He adds to his arsenal on the band's fourth full-length release, on which each track pounds its way into your skull with fuzzy, swampy fury. Less is very definitely more in Auerbach and drummer Patrick Carney's world as the stripped-down guitar/drums attack smolders, burns, and then ignites without shifting into heavy-metal overdrive. But even with the occasional ballad such as "You're the One" slowing the momentum, this is an intoxicating blast of raw, thudding blues power. The duo impressively control the dynamics, raising and lowering the tension in a yin-yang struggle of ominous, greasy, heavy blues-rock that never sounds forced. With the exception of a few subtle but effective overdubs, this is the sound Auerbach and Carney heard in the drummer's basement studio where the music was recorded. Like the best rock and roll, the disc exudes a dark, cramped claustrophobia and foreboding sense of danger, just like wandering through a haunted house, unaware of what is behind the next corner. It's the main ingredient in the band's deceptively simple yet potent formula that creates this addictive, compelling, and often intense album. --Hal Horowitz

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Kinks - Ultimate Collection

Kinks - Ultimate Collection Lowest new price: $18.50
Lowest used price: $16.75
List price: $22.98

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Elephant Lowest new price: $5.58
Lowest used price: $3.57
List price: $13.98

A defining event in the garage rock revival, this 2003 album earned platinum and shot to #6 U.S. and #1 U.K. Winning Grammys for Best Alternative Music Album and for Best Rock Song for the #1 Modern Rock 'Seven Nation Army,' Rolling Stone called the album 'a work of pulverizing perfection.' Also on the Modern Rock chart, 'The Hardest Button To Button' reached #8 and 'I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself' Top 25.

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Consolers of the Lonely

Consolers of the Lonely Lowest new price: $4.38
Lowest used price: $1.21
List price: $13.98
Brand: Warner Bros

Consolers Of The Lonely follows The
Raconteurs 2006 debut album Broken
Boy Soldiers, which went Top 10, was
Grammy® nominated for Best Rock
Album, and spun off a #1 Modern Rock hit. Led by singer-songwriter-guitarists Jack White of The White Stripes and Brendan Benson, The Raconteurs
relocated to Nashville and moved to
Warner Bros. Fascinating, engaging, and rocking, Consolers Of The Lonely
fulfills the promise of the teaming of
two masters of power pop.

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White Blood Cells

White Blood Cells Lowest new price: $4.38
Lowest used price: $1.99
List price: $13.98

2008 reissue of White Blood Cells, the third album by alternative rock band The White Stripes. The band's commercial breakthrough, this 2001 album went gold,spinning off the Top 20 Modern Rock hits 'Fell In Love With A Girl' and 'Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground.' White Blood Cells peaked at number 61 on the Billboard 200 and it reached number 55 in the UK, being bolstered in both territories by the "Fell in Love with a Girl" single. The album was dedicated to Loretta Lynn, creating a friendship between Lynn and both Jack and Meg White. In 2004, Jack White would produce Lynn's comeback hit album Van Lear Rose.16 tracks.

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The White Stripes

The White Stripes Lowest new price: $0.49
Lowest used price: $4.39
List price: $11.98

The band's commercial break through, this 2001 album went gold, spinning off the Top 20 Modern Rock hits "Fell In Love With A Girl" and "Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground."

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