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Musical Instruments


Hammond XK-3c 73-Key Portable Keyboard

Hammond XK-3c 73-Key Portable Keyboard Lowest new price: $2,515.36
List price: $3,170.00
Brand: Hammond
Model: XK-3c

The Xk-3c is our premier portable organ which is virtually the top keyboard of a legendary Hammond Model B-3. As on that vintage piece, there are reverse key presets, Chorus-Vibrato, Touch Response Percussion, and a High quality Digital Leslie onboard. A twin-tube preamp adds to the vintage vibe. All divisions of the Xk-3c are capable of deep editing which allows the user to tailor the Xk-3c to their exact taste. The Xk-3c is also expandable to include a second, matching manual and pedalboard. The Xk-3c is also a powerful MIDI Controller. Every facet of this instrument has been engineered to provide the B-3 Experience that has become the Holy Grail for musicians of every style.


  • Genuine B-3 Experience/Authentic Vintage Sound
  • Digital Leslie/Twin Real Tube Preamp
  • Deep Edit Capabilities Allow For Complete Personalization

Roland Open Box FR-18 diatonic V-Accordion - Black

Roland Open Box FR-18 diatonic V-Accordion - Black Lowest new price: $1,799.00
Lowest used price: $1,599.00
List price: $2,199.00
Brand: Roland
Model: FR-18D-BK

Roland Authorized Dealer - N030273Y

Introducing the world's first diatonic digital accordion! With the same level of sound quality and natural, dynamic response as its award-winning V-Accordion predecessors, the new FR-18 diatonic is a dream for accordionists seeking a world-class diatonic instrument that can do it all. The FR-18 diatonic features a brand new sound set that lets you choose instantly from a lineup of 12 virtual diatonic accordions as well as a variety of orchestral instruments, Virtual Tone Wheel organs, percussion, and more.

Features Drum function for manual percussion via bass & chord buttons Player is free to roam with battery (AA x 8) power and wireless capability (wireless unit and batteries are optional)


  • World's first digital diatonic accordion
  • 12 onboard accordion models, including three user sets
  • Virtual Tone Wheel organs onboard with slow and fast rotary
  • Four user program registrations
  • Programmable keyboard and bass button layout

Melodica 32 Note

Melodica 32 Note Lowest new price: $79.99
List price: $233.00

The Piano 32 Melodica has a range of over two and one half full octaves It has 32 keys starting with F below middle C Ideal for beginners as well as professionals. The Melodica Piano 32 has the combined ranges of soprano and alto. It is quality constructed and designed and also features that great Hohner sound. Carrying case mouthpiece and instructions included.


  • Piano 32 Melodica
  • Carrying bag and mouthpiece included

Hammond SK1 61-Key Stage Portable Keyboard

Hammond SK1 61-Key Stage Portable Keyboard Lowest new price: $1,995.00
List price: $2,295.00
Brand: Hammond
Model: SK1

The Sk1 Stage Keyboard is the most revolutionary HAMMOND yet. This ultra light instrument provides all of the basic instruments that any Keyboard player requires to play ANY show in ANY style. Its slim and compact 15 pound chassis begins with a complete Hammond Organ, with all of the features that you'd expect in a vintage B-3, plus our most advanced Digital Leslie yet. The Extra voice Division provides Hi-Def Acoustic and Electric/Electronic Piano, Clav, Harpsichord, Accordion, Wind, Brass, Synth and Tuned Percussion voices, which you may play solo or add to the Organ voices. The Organ Generator may be switched to modes that provide the authentic voices of British and Italian Transistor Combo Organs whose unique tones have had a 21st Century resurgence. The fourth Organ mode calls 32 ranks of Genuine Classical Pipe Organ voices derived from our Flagship Model 935 Church Organ. Like all our models, the Sk1 has deep editing capabilities that allow the user to tailor the Sk1 to their exact taste, and save their work to any of the 100 user presets. The 100 factory presets remain in static memory, for convenience and reference. The Fatar semi-weighted keyboard is designed to feel like a vintage B-3, yet remains comfortable for any pianist playing it. There is an expandable Library of additional voices which may be added, available free from the Hammond Website. An Mp3/WAV music player is onboard to play backing tracks, break music, educational aids or any other tunes combined with the Sk1's stereo output. You may also direct connect a physical Leslie Speaker via the 8pin dedicated Leslie Jack.


  • A 15 Pound Hammond B-3 And Leslie With Full Range Of Pianos And Other Keyboard Essentials.
  • 12 Hammond Organ Profiles+16 Leslie Speaker Profiles=1000'S Of Classic Combinations
  • The Definitive Ultra light Foundation Keyboard

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HAMMOND PRO-44HP "HAMMOND 44 HYPER" Lowest new price: $489.51
Brand: Hammond
Model: PRO-44HP

Nord C2D 61-Key Dual Manual Combo Portable Organ

Nord C2D 61-Key Dual Manual Combo Portable Organ Lowest new price: $3,699.00
List price: $4,195.00
Brand: Nord
Model: AMS-NC2D

With two sets of physical drawbars per manual, extremely realistic simulations of a B3 tone wheel organ, Vox and Farfisa transistor organs, and a beautiful sampled baroque pipe organ, the new Nord C2D is the ultimate portable organ solution. The B3 model Nord C2D is the result of over a decade of perfecting our tone wheel simulations. We haven't just analyzed the signals from each of the 91 spinning tone wheels inside several original instruments, we have also paid years of attention to each and every one of the intricate details that make up the characteristics of the actual sound in a vintage organ. Our simulation not only reacts to the panel settings, it even adapts to the real time performance and will faithfully reproduce the important foldback and energy robbing characteristics; the latter produces the gentle compression effect that makes those lovely smears absolutely wonderful. There are 4 tone wheel modes available, ranging from the default vintage battered workhorse with plenty of leakage to a clean factory spec'd instrument. The Nord C2D features a greatly improved simulation of the characteristic mechanical key clicks that are a crucial component of the classic tone wheel experience, which can be adjusted to your taste. The vibrato and chorus with the rotating scanner and its analog circuitry are also carefully modeled to be just as alive as the tone wheels and the Nord C2D features a redesigned percussion model that offers increased control over the percussion levels when playing near-legato. The Nord C2D 61-key waterfall keyboard offers an ultra-fast response with a firm mechanical action to provide the rock solid feel of an original vintage instrument. For increased ergonomics the panel and upper manual is tilted slightly towards the player and the panel between the manuals has a smooth surface that's easy on the hands when doing smears. Nord is dedicated to developing amazing instruments according to our philosophy of serving the performing musician.


  • B3 tone wheel organ simulations plus Farfisa and Vox transistor organ simulations
  • Baroque pipe organ
  • Rotary peaker and amp simulations
  • Delay, EQ, drive and reverb effects
  • Two sets of physical drawbars per manual with left hand drawbar preset panel

Roland V-Combo VR-700

Roland V-Combo VR-700 Lowest new price: $1,999.00
Lowest used price: $1,599.00
List price: $2,329.00
Brand: Roland
Model: VR-700

Hey gigging keyboardists, the V-Combo VR-700 is the one you've been waiting for! This sleek, stage-ready instrument puts all the classic sounds you want, right into one portable (and surprisingly value-packed!) keyboard. The V-Combo VR-700 offers up a mythical Virtual Tone Wheel organ sound, complete with dedicated harmonic bars. Plus, there's a 76-key waterfall keyboard, so you can nail smooth glissandos, while hanging onto enough keys for splits. Roland knows that you need more than first-class organ sounds. That's why you'll find grand piano, EP, strings, brass, synth lead sounds, and more — all in your V-Combo VR-700.


  • Roland's acclaimed Virtual Tone Wheel and COSM technology provide authentic organ sound
  • Dedicated harmonic bars, rotary-speaker simulation, and amp models, including Active Amp Enhancer
  • 76-key waterfall keyboards offers smooth glissandos, fast action, and provides enough keys for splits
  • Full organ simulation with Split function plus pedalboard capability (optional Roland PK-25A, PK-7A)
  • Essential ensemble sounds (with tone remain function) onboard, including 88-key multi-sampled pianos, EP, strings, brass, synth pads, and more

Grace 13 Key Melodica , Mouth Piece. Green with Black / White Keys

Grace 13 Key Melodica , Mouth Piece. Green with Black / White Keys Lowest new price: $6.50
Model: GML13GR


  • 13 Keys
  • Made of Plastic

24.4" Necklace Style Metal Plastic 4 Hole 8 Tone Mini Mouth Organ Green

24.4" Necklace Style Metal Plastic 4 Hole 8 Tone Mini Mouth Organ Green Lowest new price: $4.63
Brand: Como

  • One row 4 holes 8 tone mini harmonica, will bring pretty rhythm to you. This mini mouth organ is in necklace design, with silver tone chain. It is fashionable for wearing, also, suitable for giving to your friends as gift.


  • Product Name : Mini Mouth Organ;Feature : Necklace Style
  • Material : Metal, Plastic;Harmonica Size : 3.0 x 1.6 x 1.5cm / 1.2" x 0.63" x 0.6"(L*W*T)
  • Chain Girth : 62cm / 24.4";Main Color : Silver Tone, Green
  • Weight : 14g
  • Package Content : 1 x Necklace Mini Mouth Organ

Grace 13 Key Melodica , Mouth Piece. Pink with Colorful Keys

Grace 13 Key Melodica , Mouth Piece. Pink with Colorful Keys Lowest new price: $5.99
Model: GML13PKC


  • 13 Keys
  • Made of Plastic

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