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Microsoft Access 2013 (1PC/1User) [Download]

Microsoft Access 2013 (1PC/1User) [Download] Lowest new price: $92.71
List price: $109.99
Brand: Microsoft
Model: AAA-01148

The new Access is an easy-to-use tool for quickly creating data-centric apps online that reliably solve collaborative data-tracking needs like contact management, customer billing, and order tracking.

How do I download Office?
Please note: This item requires a download directly from Microsoft. Below are instructions on what to expect when you purchase an Office download from

  1. Once you have completed your software download purchase at, you must click the "Continue to" button to get your software. The "Continue to" button can be found in your confirmation email, Your Games and Software Library, and on the Thank You page once you've completed your purchase.
  2. You will be directed to a custom Microsoft Office site to register or sign-in with a Microsoft account.
  3. Select your preferred country and language.
  4. From your "My Account" page with Microsoft, select the item that you want to install.
  5. Click the "Install" button to begin your download.

Standard system requirements for Office 2013

Component Office 2013 Requirements

Computer and processor

1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster x86- or x64-bit processor with SSE2 instruction set

Memory (RAM)

1 gigabyte (GB) RAM (32-bit); 2 gigabytes (GB) RAM (64-bit)

Hard Disk

3.0 gigabytes (GB) available


Graphics hardware acceleration requires a DirectX10 graphics card and a 1024 x 576 or higher resolution monitor

Operating System

NOTE: Office 2013 products DO NOT run on Windows XP, Windows Vista or older Microsoft Operating Systems.

Office 2013 runs on 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems. When you run Office 2013 32-bit on a 64-bit version of a Windows operating system, the program runs in the 32-bit layer of the Windows operating system. Here are supported Windows operating systems on which you can run Office 2013 32-bit and 64-bit programs.

Office 2013 32-bit products are supported on the following Windows operating systems:

  • Windows Server 2008 R2 (64-bit)*

  • Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit)

  • Windows Server 2012 (64-bit)**

  • Windows 8 (32-bit or 64-bit)

Office 2013 64-bit products are only supported on the following Windows operating systems:

  • Windows Server 2008 R2 (64-bit)*

  • Windows 7 (64-bit)

  • Windows Server 2012 (64-bit)**

  • Windows 8 (64-bit)

*Windows Server 2008 R2 is available only in 64-bit architecture

**Windows Server 2012 is available only in 64-bit architecture


No support is provided for side-by-side installations of 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Office. For example, there is no support for side-by-side installations of Office 2010 32-bit with Office 2013 64-bit, or for Excel 2010 64-bit and Visio 2013 32-bit.


Internet Explorer 8, 9, or 10; Mozilla Firefox 10.x or a later version; Apple Safari 5; or Google Chrome 17.x.

.NET version

3.5, 4.0, or 4.5


A touch-enabled device is required to use any multi-touch functionality. But, all features and functionality are always available by using a keyboard, mouse, or other standard or accessible input device. Note that new touch features are optimized for use with Windows 8.

Additional requirements and considerations

Some functionality may vary, based on the system configuration. Some features may require additional or advanced hardware or server connectivity.


  • Product download occurs on Details about the download process are listed below.
  • UI created automatically
  • New controls for working with related data
  • New deployment options
  • NOTE: Windows XP and Vista NOT supported. This product requires Windows 7 or newer operating systems.

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SQL Server Developer Edition 2012

SQL Server Developer Edition 2012 Lowest new price: Too low to display
List price: $59.95
Brand: Microsoft
Model: E32-00970

Data Management and Business Intelligence Software Inclusive of SQL Server 2012 Enterprise features but licensed for development, testing, and demonstration use only.


  • Not licensed for production use. Licensed for development and testing only
  • Build and validate applications running on SQL Server 2012.
  • Test enhanced availability, performance and security features, and business intelligence capabilities.
  • Demonstrate to customers and stakeholders before putting solution into production.
  • Investigate performance and manageability by running software on multiple systems.

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Win 8 Pro Version Upgrade Win 8 Pro Version Upgrade

Win 8 Pro Version Upgrade Win 8 Pro Version Upgrade Lowest new price: $82.88
Brand: Windows

If you currently have a personal computer running Windows 7, Windows XP or Windows Vista then you can upgrade to Windows 8 Pro (Professional). With Windows 8 Pro, you can connect and share your files. Windows 8 Pro also adds enhanced features if you need to connect to company networks, access remote files, encrypt sensitive data, and other more advanced tasks. The new Windows 8 start screen is your personalized home for items you use the most and can be customized according to your user preferences. Windows 8 Live tiles provide real-time updates from your Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail accounts. Along with the new Start screen, the lock screen now includes e-mail, calendar, and clock widgets. To access your PC, Microsoft has replaced a standard PIN or password with a swipe gesture; unlock your PC by clicking or swiping preset locations you've selected on the lock screen. New functions also allow you to search for your favorite software programs, open, close, hide, resize, or run multiple apps simultaneously with the swipe of a finger or a swipe of the mouse. Windows has also made changes to make your PC more secure by boosting its existing security features and adding "SmartScreen," which acts to prevent suspicious programs or apps from being installed or running on your machine. Finally, Windows 8 also gives you the ability to "refresh" itself to give users a new starting point and a cleaner version of Windows. You can upgrade to Windows 8 from Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 8 Release Preview, Windows 8 Consumer Preview, or Windows Developer Preview, but you might not be able to keep all of your files, software programs, and settings. The following table shows what you can keep during an upgrade, depending on the current version of Windows you are running. If you choose to boot from removable media, you won't be able to keep your software programs, Windows settings, or personal files when you upgrade.


  • Running Windows 7, Windows XP or Windows Vista? Upgrade to Windows 8 with Windows 8 Pro
  • Once you install Windows 8, Windows 8.1 is available as a free update directly from Microsoft
  • Customize your Start screen with Live Tiles
  • Stay safer with Windows Defender
  • Encrypt your data with Bitlocker

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FileMaker Pro 13 - English

FileMaker Pro 13 - English Lowest new price: $289.99
List price: $329.00
Brand: Filemaker Inc.
Model: TH5869

FileMaker Pro Overview

FileMaker Pro makes it easy to create custom solutions for managing business information on iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac, and the web. Millions of people around the world use FileMaker Pro to streamline the way their teams manage contacts, track inventory, organize projects, and so much more.

Get Started Quickly

FileMaker Pro is so easy to use and includes so many features to help you get started quickly, you can have a new database ready to use in minutes, not hours or days. Every copy of FileMaker Pro, even the free 30-day trial, comes with a Getting Started tour that will have you up and running in no time.

  • Drag and drop Microsoft Excel files onto FileMaker Pro to create a database instantly.
  • Use the pre-designed Starter Solutions for managing contacts, tracking inventory, organizing projects, creating invoices, and more. Just import your data and customize the solution as you wish.

View larger
Create Custom Solutions With Ease

Use flexible design tools to make your database screens look and work just the way you want – all without programming.

  • Add fields to track whatever type of information you’d like, including names, numbers, dates, documents, prices, pictures, and more.
  • Choose from a wide variety of coordinated themes to give your solution a professional look.
  • Control fonts, colors, backgrounds, shading, and more. Even add your company logo to further customize your forms.
  • Connect your information together with the powerful Relationships Graph. For example, link customer data to invoices details.
  • Add buttons, scripts, calculations and pop-up lists to automate repetitive tasks and speed data entry.
Access Data On The Go

Go beyond the desktop and securely deliver FileMaker data to iPad and iPhone users for portable access while on the go.

  • Create custom database solutions in FileMaker Pro and run them in FileMaker Go for iPad and iPhone.
  • Add, edit, search, sort, and report on data on iPad and iPhone to instantly boost productivity for mobile users.
  • Host solutions with FileMaker Server, then instantly share in real-time with iPad and iPhone users.
  • Enable FileMaker WebDirect to access databases from web browsers.

View larger
Produce Reports And Charts In Minutes

The built-in reporting and charting tools make it easy to produce informative and eye-catching summaries of your team’s data.

  • Produce custom reports that group, sort and summarize data in a way that’s most valuable to your organization.
  • Create pie charts, bar charts, bubble charts, line graphs and more.
  • Automatically email in PDF or Excel formats.

View larger
Share With Your Team

FileMaker Pro allows you to share data over a network with up to 5 other people on iPad, iPhone, Windows, and Mac. Multi-platform support allows users on iPad, iPhone, Windows or Mac to access the same database at the same time. It includes advanced security options including user accounts, database passwords, field-level privilege sets, data encryption, and more.

Integrate With Industry-Standard Programs

Import and export a variety of formats to eliminate duplicate data entry. Plus, create live two-way connections with external data sources.

  • Import and export a variety of formats, including .XLSX, .CSV, Tab, or XML.
  • Use the ODBC and JDBC standards to exchange and interact with data from other applications.
  • Connect with external SQL data sources including the latest versions of Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and MySQL.


  • FileMaker Pro 13 is powerful, easy-to-use software for creating custom business solutions that run on iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac, and the web.
  • Drag and drop Microsoft Excel data into FileMaker Pro to get started. Or build a custom database for your unique needs.
  • Choose from one of 16 built-in Starter Solutions, professionally-designed templates, to manage contacts, invoices, assets and more.
  • Create a custom solution with flexible design tools to make your database screens look and work just the way you want -with no programming skills required.
  • Use built-in reporting and charting tools to make eye-catching summaries of your data. Even save your reports in popular Excel or PDF formats.

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Microsoft Visual Studio Pro 2012

Microsoft Visual Studio Pro 2012 Lowest new price: $539.00
Lowest used price: $450.00
List price: $500.00
Brand: Microsoft
Model: C5E-00833

Great apps. Rapid development. Visual Studio Professional 2012 is the right choice for building multi-tier apps for the web, the cloud, and devices


  • Deep interoperability with business and consumer platforms lets you build what your users want, where they want it
  • Create apps in a streamlined UI where common tasks are presented in a fresh, integrated development experience
  • Consolidate many development tasks into one tool so you can enhance existing apps or build new modern ones
  • Requirements: Processor - 1.6GHz+ CPUOS - Windows 8 (x86/x64), Windows 7 SP1 (x86/x64), Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 (x64), Windows Server 2012 (x64)Memory(RAM) - 1GB (1.5GB if running on a virtual machine.)

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Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Essentials OEM

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Essentials OEM Lowest new price: $399.99
Lowest used price: $440.35
List price: $499.00
Brand: Microsoft
Model: G3S-00123

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Essentials 64-bit English - Media and License for 1 Server, 1-2 CPU


  • Full OEM Version of Windows Server 2012 Essentials Edition
  • 25 User limit and 50 devices ? No CALs ( Client Access Licenses) required
  • Simplified user management and easy file sharing
  • Includes PC backup and optional connection to Office 365

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FileMaker Pro 10 [Old Version]

FileMaker Pro 10 [Old Version] Lowest new price: $179.99
Lowest used price: $149.99
List price: $299.00
Brand: Filemaker Inc.
Model: TT759LL/A

FileMaker Pro 10

FileMaker Pro is the world's leading easy-to-use database software that securely shares information with Windows and Mac users--through your network, over the web, and in popular formats such as PDF. Whether you need to manage client information, track project details, or produce inventory reports, FileMaker Pro 10 helps you get your important information organized in one place so it's instantly accessible.

Top new features in FileMaker Pro 10
Get more innovative features to help you create databases like never before:

  • Status Toolbar
    Put commonly used features at your fingertips with the redesigned interface. Plus customize the toolbar with features you use the most.

  • Script Triggers
    Create and run scripts prompted by user actions for increased productivity.

  • Dynamic Reports
    Make changes to grouped data on the fly for easier customization.

  • Saved Finds
    Save your favorite find requests and then perform them in a single click for quicker searches.

  • Send Mail via SMTP
    Send email directly through an SMTP server for faster direct distribution; no email client needed.

  • Themes and Templates
    Choose from 30 updated Starter Solutions and 10 new themes to help build beautiful databases with ease.

Manage people, projects, assets, and more--the easy way!

Get started quickly
With its award-winning ease of use, FileMaker Pro is simple to install and setup takes just minutes. Instantly add many types of information including lists, photos or Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

Reporting made easy
FileMaker Pro 10 comes complete with step-by-step reporting tools that help you make sense of all your data and automate those repetitive tasks. Use the Report Assistant to design custom layouts, labels and reports.

Share information in a couple of clicks
Safely share FileMaker Pro 10 databases through a network or over the web, with both Windows and Mac users. Plus control what data you let other people see--right down to a specific field.

Sleek new look. Intuitive new design.
The fresh new interface of FileMaker Pro puts commonly used features right at your fingertips. Based on feedback from our customers, the new Status Toolbar is redesigned to give you streamlined navigation, better workflow and timesaving shortcuts. You can even customize the toolbar by dragging and dropping the features you use the most. Now managing your information is more simple and straightforward than ever before.

Easily manage every detail of your contact information in FileMaker Pro 10. Click to enlarge.

Build beautiful data-driven reports including photos or other types of graphics. Click to enlarge.

More product enhancements
The enhanced Quick Start Screen is a great way to start learning how to use FileMaker Pro with access to videos and technical resources. Easily create databases from existing sources like .CSV, Tab, and Excel. You can also now import your Bento data directly into FileMaker Pro through the Quick Start Screen or the File Menu.

20 things you can do faster and easier with FileMaker Pro 10:

  • Manage customer contact information
  • Archive photos, PDFs, documents and more
  • Automate and web-publish proposals for clients
  • Convert paper forms to electronic forms
  • Track billable time spent on projects
  • Manage business assets
  • Track employee, patient, or clientele records
  • Create a catalog of inventory and assets
  • Manage an employee directory
  • Collect meeting minutes and track issues
  • Route technical support calls and track statistics
  • Log and chart research and other findings
  • Automate requests to the help desk
  • Track requisitions and purchase orders
  • Develop a quoting, estimating, and invoicing system
  • Create a client contact log
  • Generate weekly status reports
  • Automatically create email/direct mail offers
  • Issue SQL queries to enterprise CRM system
  • Attract customers with a web-published catalog

Get results in minutes
FileMaker Pro 10 comes with 30 ready-to-use Starter Solutions to help you get started fast. Simply open a solution and start adding information, or import your existing data from many popular formats. The FileMaker Resource Center helps novices and experts get up and running smoothly.

Asset Management
Contact Management
Document Library
Email Campaign
Event Management
Expense Report
Faculty Staff
Field Trips
Home Budgets
Issue Tracking
Lending Library
Movie Library
Music Library
People Management
Personnel Records
Photo Catalog
Product Catalog
Purchase Orders
Research Notes
Resource Scheduling
Student Emergency
Student Records
Task Management
Time Billing
Time Cards
To Do List
And more!


  • FileMaker Pro is simple to install and setup takes just minutes;
  • Instantly add any type of information including lists, photos or Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
  • Comes complete with step-by-step reporting tools that help you make sense your data and automate repetitive tasks
  • Safely share FileMaker Pro databases with both Mac and Windows users through a network or over the web

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LED Programmable Message Fan W/Custom Drawing - USB Powered (Green Led)

LED Programmable Message Fan W/Custom Drawing - USB Powered (Green Led) Lowest new price: $12.95
List price: $24.95
Brand: PowerTRC
Model: Green LED

Keep cool and display cool messages at your office or on the go with the USB LED Message Fan by PowerTRC. This amazing fan will help you breeze through a workday with its cool calming air flow and incredible message display. Program eight distinct phrases up to 26 characters long and let the relaxing air move over you as your fan displays and cycles through your messages. Amaze co-workers with your spectacular new desk accessory and let them know what's on your mind with its stunning LED display!


-Program up to 8 messages.
-Each message can display 26 letters.
-You can open and close each message left to right, right to left, sides to center, center to sides, up to down and down to up.
-You can also spin messages clock wise, counter clock wise or stand still.

Package Contain:

-12" USB flexible goose neck. Total length 16"
-3" CD
-Programmable USB cable.

System Requirement:

-Microsoft Win 95/98/ME/2K/XP/Vista/ 7 / 8 OS
-Usable USB interface and CD Rom
-Color Monitor


  • Program up to 8 messages and 26 letters in each message.
  • Program direction of how message open and close.
  • 16" Flexible Goose Neck and can power from any USB outlet.
  • Software works only with Microsoft Win 95/98/ME/2K/XP/Vista/ 7 / 8 OS.
  • ON/OFF Button & Soft Blades for Safety. By Power TRC.

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My DataBase

My DataBase Lowest new price: $6.19
Lowest used price: $8.99
List price: $19.95
Brand: MySoftWare
Model: 3284

Now, you can choose from pre-designed templates or easily create your own. Quickly print customized reports, address lists, envelopes, rolodex cards and more. Organizing and viewing your data has never been easier.



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RPG Maker VX Ace [Download]

RPG Maker VX Ace [Download] Lowest new price: $69.99
List price: $69.99
Brand: Degica

Insert Alt Text here
view larger
view larger
view larger
view larger

RPG Maker VX Ace is the latest in a long line of video game engines created by Enterbrain to create 2D tile based PC RPGs (Role-Playing Games). Our program is easy enough so that anyone, regardless of experience, is able to create their own games. Using an easy point and click eventing system, most game behaviors can be created with no programming knowledge at all.

RPG Maker VX Ace also allows incredible versatility and customization for advanced users through RGSS3, a scripting system based on the Ruby programming language. Because of this approach, RPG Maker VX Ace has been used successfully by everyone from young children to commercial independent game developers. RPG Maker VX Ace comes pre-packed with a large collection of high quality graphic and audio resources, so that you can jump right into making your game. And if those aren’t enough, you can easily import new resources, whether you made the resources yourself, found them online, or bought official RPG Maker expansion packs, with just a few clicks of your mouse

Let’s explore the parts of the editor you will use to make your game.


Within these digital walls, you will create:
  • Actors: The heroes of your story. With a few clicks and a bit of typing you can give them a name, a description, and select their face and in game appearance. We have a large collection of pre-packed faces and sprites that you can pick from, or you can add more.
  • Classes and Skills: Without stats and skills, where would your heroes be? You will use these tabs to determine the power of your heroes, their strength and agility, their ability to throw a fireball, or the ability to use an ancient sword technique not seen for a thousand years.
  • Items, Weapons and Armor: Forge the weapons your heroes will wield, the armor they will wear, and the potions or herbs they will heal themselves with. A good adventurer is never without his gear, and yours won’t be either.
  • Enemies and Troops: What are heroes without proper villains to do battle with? Here you can create all manner of dastardly villains or monsters for your heroes to fight. From slimes to sorcerers, from knights to demons, your imagination alone restricts your choices. And much more.

Map Editor

In the map editor, you will create the world your characters will explore. Using the tiles that come with RPG Maker VX Ace, you can easily create almost any fantasy environment you can dream up, from a castle in the snow to a forest to a city in the desert. All that is needed to make a map is to select the tiles from the palette and then clicking where you want it to go on the map.

The tilesets included with VX Ace include:
  • Field: With this you will make a world map. From Oceans and rivers, to fields, forests, deserts, mountains and swamps, your world will come alive with this tileset.
  • Exterior: With this tileset you will make the outsides of towns, castles, dungeons, and even forest maps in a variety of climates: temperate, tropical, desert, and even snow is included.
  • Interior: After you’ve made the outsides of those towns and castles, your characters will want to go inside. With this you will craft the interiors of most buildings starting with the walls and floors, and then filling it with furniture, wall hangings, and other details.
  • Dungeon: Your adventurers will need dungeons to explore and pilfer. You will use this tileset to create almost any sort of dungeon you can imagine. And if those aren’t enough, you can always add your own or purchase one of the many RPG Maker VX Ace DLC expansion sets or bundles.

Event Editor

The event editor controls the flow of your game. You will use it to create NPCs, traps, puzzles, shops, cutscenes, and pretty much any other thing that you can imagine a player interacting with on your maps. Creating events is as easy as switching to the event layer in the map editor, selecting where you want one, and hitting new event. From there you will tell RPG Maker VX Ace what you actions you want the event to do using Event Commands, a list of selectable commands with clear names like “Message”, “Transfer Player”, and “Shop Processing”. Combining commands you will be able to guide your hero through his journey with ease.

Script Editor

With the power of the Script Editor, nothing can stand in your way. Want to make an entirely new battle system? Want more or maybe even different equipment slots? The Script Editor can do all of this and more if you unlock its secrets.Using RGSS3, based on the Ruby programming language, you can alter almost any portion of the way your game works. The modularity of RGSS3 scripts allows you to find fan scripts from all over the internet and just copy and paste them into your game.

So, Now My Game is Done

Now that you are done, what do you do with your game? Well that is up to you. You may upload it and share it on any site you want. Anything made with RPG Maker VX Ace is 100% ready to sell, with no additional costs to us. Nothing is stopping you, with RPG Maker VX Ace at your fingertips, the game you always wanted to make can be yours.


  • Ultimate Computer Role Playing Game Creation Tool
  • Users can make their own games and game worlds with no prior programming experience required.
  • Easy point and click user interface for creating your world map, characters, equipment, spells, foes and rewards.
  • The graphics and audio to make a game are included with expansions available with separate purchase.
  • Advanced users have access to near infinite customization.

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