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Microsoft Windows Store Gift Card - $10 Value [Online Code]

Microsoft Windows Store Gift Card - $10 Value [Online Code] Lowest new price: $10.00
List price: $10.00
Brand: Microsoft
Model: K6W-00184

Microsoft Windows Store Gift Cards:

With a Windows Store gift card, you can buy and download thousands of amazing apps, games, and more at the Windows and Windows Phone stores. It’s a great gift option for friends and family and the perfect choice as an allowance or the occasional gift for your kids.

Get Great Apps and More

  • Amazing choice for all your devices – With a Windows Store gift card, you can buy and download thousands of apps, games, and more to your Windows Phone, PC, tablet and Xbox.
  • Your money goes with you – Giving a Windows Store gift card is easy and convenient. All you have to do is redeem the card once to your Microsoft account. Then you can use the money in your account for great content whenever you’re ready.
  • Use it when you want – Your gift card never expires even after you redeem it to your account. It’s ready and waiting to be used when you find that perfect app you’ve been waiting for.

A Gift Option for Everyone

  • Works almost everywhere – Regardless of the style you choose, rest assured that your Windows Store gift card can be used to purchase a great variety or content from any participating online store from Microsoft including Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox stores.
  • Kickstart the fun – Give the gift of a Windows Store gift card and they’ll enjoy their Windows Phone, tablet, PC or Xbox right away by downloading amazing apps and content.

Redemption Steps

Please be sure to keep your code to redeem.

    To Redeem:

  • safely and securely from over 400,000 participating employers and financial institutions.
  • On your Windows 8.1 PC or tablet: On Start screen tap Store. Swipe from top or right-click, tap “Your account” and enter code.
  • On your Windows Phone 8: Launch Wallet app from app list and tap + button. Select Microsoft gift card and enter code.

Legal Language:

Not redeemable on earlier versions of Windows and Windows Phone. Windows 8 users: Update to Windows 8.1 for free through the Windows Store. The full code value will be applied to your Microsoft account and may be used for eligible purchases (exclusions apply) made directly at select Microsoft online stores. Geography limitations and balance restrictions apply. Eligible purchases and prices may vary by region, device, and over time. NO EXPIRATION DATE OR SERVICE FEES. Taxes may apply. Internet access (connect time charges may apply) and a U.S. Microsoft account are required. Xbox Live required to redeem on console. Original Xbox excluded. Paid subscriptions required for some content. You must be 13+. Except as required by law, codes cannot be redeemed or exchanged for cash and are not reloadable or refundable. Microsoft is not responsible if this your code is lost, stolen, destroyed, or used without permission. Subject to full terms and conditions and country restrictions at which may change without notice. Void where prohibited or restricted by law.


  • Choose from amazing apps, games, and more with a Windows gift card.
  • With a Windows gift card, you can buy and download thousands of amazing apps, games, movies, TV shows, and more at the Windows, Windows Phone, and Xbox stores.
  • Works everywhere

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Serif WebPlus X6 [Download]

Serif WebPlus X6 [Download] Lowest new price: $69.99
List price: $99.99
Brand: Serif

Easily create professional-quality websites for your business, club, hobby – anything. WebPlus X6 is the all-in-one website designer that combines drag-and-drop simplicity with flexible tools so you can quickly customise stylish templates or create completely unique sites – no technical expertise required. Add your own content, integrate social networks, use interactive gadgets and make money with e-commerce. Use built-in features like forms and polls to engage your visitors, and easily create mobile sites or a mobile version of an existing site. WebPlus X6 has everything you need to succeed, including automated site checking, search engine optimisation, and analytics.

Serif WebPlus X6

Professional Quality Websites Made Easy

WebPlus X6 is the quick and easy way for businesses, clubs – anyone – to create and publish eye-catching desktop and mobile sites, without having to use any code. Whether using stylish templates or designing from scratch, WebPlus X6 lets regular computer users add advanced features to unique sites with drag-and-drop simplicity.

It’s ideal for creating pages optimized for any device, and has all the power and flexibility you need to make a professional website. If you need a website, but don’t want the expense and hassle of hiring a web designer, use WebPlus X6 and find out how easy it is to create something you’ll be proud of.

Website Design Software That Helps You:
  • Customize and create your own stylish website with no coding
  • Build sites optimized for smartphones, tablets, desktops, and laptops
  • Sell products online with trusted e-commerce providers
  • Drag and drop buttons, logos, and more onto your pages
  • Add Facebook and Twitter feeds as well as other social media sharing buttons
  • Edit photos, create logos and color schemes, design backgrounds, and more
  • Create as many unique sites as you want, with no limits on pages or features

Stylish Websites with No Need for HTML

The simplicity of a template editor and the power of a web design suite

WebPlus X6 makes it easy for you to create your own website, even if you’ve never made one before. You don’t need to know how to write code or do anything technical.

Simply drag and drop pre-designed objects like buttons, navigation bars, logos, photo galleries, banners, backgrounds, and more onto your page where you want them. To complete your site, just add your own text and pictures.

The whole process is intuitive and, if you’ve used other office software, you’ll quickly become familiar with WebPlus X6. Your visitors will never know if you’re a total beginner.

Ready-made sites

The templates and themed layouts in WebPlus X6 are professionally designed, so you know your site will look great from the start. They are easy to customize and there’s an endless range of color schemes so you can use them to create any type of website.

Simply open a template, add your own text and images, and then upload it to the web. Of course, you can always customize the template to suit your needs or start with a blank page and design a completely unique site.

Making a professional website has never been this easy.

Preview and publish with ease

Once you’ve finished designing your site, the automated Site Checker scans and either fixes or alerts you to potential problems so you can make the best site possible.

When you’re ready, preview your fully-functioning site in any browser to make sure you are happy, then upload your site to any host, or use Serif’s easy web hosting.

One-click publishing makes the process easy and means any changes you make can be live almost instantly. Publish all your files securely in one go, or just the most recently made changes.

Everything you need in one package

Unlike other website designers, WebPlus X6 simply has everything you need to create a professional website. There’s no need to buy or learn other programs.

Create an unlimited number of sites and pages full of anything you like. There’s built-in photo editing, help whenever you need it, and tools for designing logos, buttons, navigation bars, and banners. You can always use the pre-made ones too.

With WebPlus’ full suite of design tools, easy publishing, easy hosting, and site management, you really don’t need anything else to create a website and get it live online.

Professional Websites with Powerful Features

Design for smartphones, tablets, and desktops

Browsing on mobile devices like smartphones and iPads is really popular. With WebPlus X6, you can design your full-size website at the same time as a version optimized for mobile browsing – and add automatic redirection based on device type or screen size.

There are attractive matching templates for both types of sites, but they’re easy to design from scratch to suit any need. Mobile-friendly buttons and graphics are included to optimize pages for mobile browsing, and the sliding banners and photo galleries work beautifully on desktop computers, Android devices, iPads, and iPhones.

Engage visitors with cool gadgets

Keep your visitors coming back to look at fresh content like videos, news feeds, polls, and more. Just drag and drop the gadgets you want onto your site, no expertise required.

Display Facebook and Twitter feeds, complete with Like/Follow/+1 and other link sharing buttons, stream YouTube and other videos, add podcasts, blog, and make changes from any internet-connected device.

We’ve made it all really easy to do with no programming or complicated set up.

Secure e-commerce made easy

Online shopping is massive and still growing, and WebPlus X6 makes it easy for you to take card payments on your website. We’ve teamed up with trusted shopping cart providers like PayPal, or you can add your own preferred cart, so you know online shopping will work smoothly and your customers will know their details are secure.

It’s a cinch to set up a store on your website: a wizard takes you step-by-step through everything you need to do. Add as many items as you like, give your store a popup cart, even include color, size, and other product options. You could be selling your products and services worldwide in minutes.

Great tools for businesses and communities

Make sure your customers can find you online with the built-in SEO (search engine optimization) features, then make sure they can find you in real life by adding a Google Map to your site.

Comprehensive analytics help you understand visitors’ behavior so you can tweak your site to be more effective, while AdSense provides targeted ads that can be placed on any page and earn you money.

Create online forms with free data forwarding to your own e-mail address, take online bookings via an interactive calendar, and add a password-protected area – all without coding!

New drag and drop gadgets
(view larger).

New graphics and sliders
(view larger).

New mobile sites and features
(view larger).

WebPlus X6 System Specs

Minimum requirements
  • Pentium-class or compatible PC with DVD drive and mouse
  • Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, or XP (32-bit) operating system
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 434 MB free hard disk space
  • 1024x768 display resolution with 16-bit color depth or higher
  • Windows-compatible printer, scanner and digital camera
  • Microsoft .NET 2.0 software (included for Microsoft Word and Writer document import)
  • Internet account and connection required for web publishing and accessing online resources
  • Adobe Flash Player plug-in required for viewing online videos
  • Microsoft 'Windows Imaging Component' required in Windows XP

Note: Use of large system fonts may require a higher resolution display. Additional disk resources and memory are required when editing large and/or complex websites.


  • Customize and create your own stylish website with no coding
  • Build sites optimized for smartphones, tablets, desktops, and laptops
  • Sell products online with trusted e-commerce providers
  • Drag and drop buttons, logos and more onto your pages
  • Add Facebook and Twitter feeds as well as other social media sharing buttons

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WebSite X5 Evolution 10 [Download]

WebSite X5 Evolution 10 [Download] Lowest new price: $84.99
List price: $84.99
Brand: Incomedia
Model: EVO10-ESD

Website X5 Evolution 10
Website X5 Evolution 10
View larger
Website X5 Evolution 10
Website X5 Evolution 10
View larger
Website X5 Evolution 10
Website X5 Evolution 10
View larger
Create Websites, Blogs and Online Stores

WebSite X5 Evolution 10 is the ideal software for creating the websites you have always wanted. It has got everything you need to produce stunning professional websites that everyone will want to visit. You will be amazed at how easy it is to use! The WebSite X5 secret is that no programming skills are required: all you need is a mouse! You can create and add all the pages you want, add all kinds of content and use all the advanced features you need: you work with an intuitive fully-visual interface, and it just takes a few clicks to create product lists, blogs, contact forms, photo galleries or any other content and have them all up and running perfectly straight away. You concentrate on the results: WebSite X5 takes care of all the technical aspects, guaranteeing websites that are optimized for search engines, are fully compatible with all the major browsers and can be used with no problem on tablets and smartphones.

Maximum Mobile Compatibility, Advanced Code Generation and Powerful Project Management

Code generation - Continuing along the lines of the previous version 9, and to be compatibile with support offered by the browsers, WebSite X5 Evolution 10 generates HTML5 + CSS 2.1/3 code and integrates the JavaScript Jquery library, to make even better use of the potential offered by these programming languages. All files are encoded in UTF8, for full support for all languages. Because HTML5 is used, websites created with WebSite X5 not only guarantee cross-browser compatibility but also correct display and navigation on mobile devices, such as tablets and Smartphones. It is important to stress that replacing Flash technology with HTML5 ensures correct navigation on devices with the iOS operating system. All the templates, default and custom, have been designed to be displayed correctly on mobile devices. Among the default templates, those in the Template Mobile Pack have been designed specifically for websites intended for mobile devices. All websites support Touch technology, which means that users can use their fingers to browse or zoom in on pictures in a gallery. Project managementIn order to optimize and speed up import/export operations, a new system of project management has been introduced.

Templates, Website Maps and Page Creation

The default template gallery now includes 1,500 unique templates, eliminating style variations. It is also now easier to search through the templates. All the default templates can be customized using the built-in editor, and they can also be used as the base for creating new custom templates. Templates can easily be used in different projects and shared with other users, simply by importing/exporting them. Interesting new options have been added to the custom template section, giving users even more freedom and improved results. Improvements to the website map now mean the home page and special pages are treated in the same way as all the other pages in the project. The page property window has new options added to it that completely change the design of graphic elements and the use of custom code. The page layout grid has been made more flexible, and there are now more possibilities for customizing cell design: these improvements result in greater precision and the possibility to attain more complex and sophisticated layouts. It is also now possible to anchor each object in the grid, enabling links to specific contents in the pages.

New Multimedia Objects and Advanced Features

Three new objects - Social Network, Guestbook and Map – have been added to the list of objects available for page creation. The social network object can be used to include buttons and boxes for social apps to share on the main social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+. The guestbook object means websites can have a guest book for comments and/or votes. The map object uses Google Maps to integrate useful interactive maps in the pages.In general, all the multimedia objects have important new features, such as improvements to mouseover effects for image objects, full use of HTML5 for gallery and video objects and support of new formats for video objects.All the sections in the Advanced Settings has been revised: new designs for the styles, new settings for managing comments and displaying portions of the blogs, a new section for integrating the website with databases, etc. The e-commerce cart is now even more powerful with interesting new additions to product catalog and purchase management.

Create Your Website In 5 Steps
  • Step 1. Choose a Template for Attractive Eye-Catching and Original Websites. With a gallery of 1,500 professional templates, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Each template has been designed to be correctly displayed on any device, operating system or Internet browser, and they are all open to customization thanks to the built-in editor. You can change the template at any time or, if you prefer, you can create your own from scratch. In any case, your websites will always have a unique and original look and feel to them.
  • Step 2. Plan your Website With Intuitive Website Navigation, for a First-Class User Experience. WebSite X5 is designed to cope with everything, from a single “hello world” page to a complex portal, from a personal blog to an online shop. Organize your site map by inserting as many pages as you want and creating levels with the necessary details. You can update the map as necessary: WebSite X5 dynamically creates both the navigation menu, with active links to all the pages, and the SiteMap, which is used by search engines to index the website’s contents.
  • Step 3. Create the Pages for Content-Rich Websites That Will Attract and Appeal to Visitors. WebSite X5 makes page creation so easy with its unique editor: just drag & drop the items you need onto the pages. Add text and tables, pictures, galleries, videos, email forms, maps, social buttons, product lists, and watch your page come to life as you work. All the main formats are supported, and you can add online content: the available options can handle any type of object.
  • Step 4. Add Advanced Features for professional Websites that Entertain, Inform and Sell. WebSite X5 is second to none when it comes to the ease with which advanced features can be added to your website. Whether you need blogs or an e-commerce shopping cart (with credit card facilities), a members’ area with protected access or a multi-language website, you can obtain them even without any programming skills. Whoever you are, whatever you do, you can create a professional and complete website that is fully open to social networks.
  • Step 5. Publish your Online Websites in Real Time, Thanks to the Built-in FTP Engine. Once you have finished creating your website, the final step is to publish it on the Internet immediately with WebSite X5’s built-in FTP engine. It supports secure connections and saves you time by working in multi-connections and only publishing the parts that have been changed. You’ll be informed when your website has been uploaded, and then you can tell Google and all your social network contacts to visit your new website!


  • Create Websites, Blogs & Online Stores in English, German, Italian, French or Spanish with no programming skills required
  • With 1 license you can install the software on 2 computers and create as many sites as you wish
  • Automatic HTML5 code generation + SEO page optimization functions + 1,500 professional and customizable templates + 6,000 exclusive and royalty-free images
  • Advanced functions: e-commerce, members area, Blogs, RSS Feeds, multi-language websites, email forms, image and video galleries, ad management
  • Includes a one year new domain name registration and 30 MB online hosting account for your new website

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SiteSpinner Pro: Professional Web Development Software

SiteSpinner Pro: Professional Web Development Software Lowest new price: $89.00
Lowest used price: $40.00
List price: $110.00
Brand: Virtual Mechanics

Professional Websites made easy. Design expert sites and mobile content without having to code HTML. SiteSpinner Pro's sophisticated visual development environment makes creating web and mobile content as easy as drag-and-drop. Click, place and move any object in the SiteSpinner work-window using your mouse to position and size it on the page, exactly where you want it.

With SiteSpinner Pro you can design and preview web pages as they'll look using standard mobile device resolutions. This enables you to create a website for desktop and laptop browsers, and then design a separate layout for mobile devices, ensuring that content looks good on any device.

SiteSpinner Pro's industry-standards use of CSS enables pixel precision WYSIWYG design that enables you to position text, graphics, and rich media exactly where you want it. Additional layout enhancements including relative sizing and positioning of objects - the content moves and/or scales to fit the page. Graphics functions include image rotation/skewing/layering/transparency. A built-in word processor, advanced layout options, and integrated graphics capabilities make it easy to build professional web and mobile sites without having to learn HTML.

In addition SiteSpinner Pro includes advanced features to build Interactive Animation, including an Action Editor, Behavior Editor, and Key Frame Animator. SiteSpinner Pro supports publishing to HTML, DHTML, or SVG.

Once you are ready to put your content live SiteSpinner Pro enables you to export your pages using Relative or Absolute linking. Or use the advanced Gather function to automatically upload all files for you.

Quality supported software since 1998. Today large organizations and small business make use of SiteSpinner Pro to quickly create content for the web and for mobile devices. With full online support, extensive help documentation and active Community Forums, anyone can build a professional web and mobile website with SiteSpinner Pro.


  • MOBILE WEBSITE DESIGN - SiteSpinner Pro is the only visual design tool that enables you to create web pages for mobile devices. With options for combined or separate layouts, you can create unique designs for different devices and have them published as a single web page. Not interested in designing separate desktop and Mobile layouts? No problem. Using SiteSpinner Pro's advanced Combined Layout function pages are automatically optimized for all devices.
  • ADVANCED FUNCTIONALITY - Ready to spice up your site? SiteSpinner Pro includes advanced features that enable you to build Interactive Animation, including an Action Editor, Behaviour Editor, Key-Frame animator and more. When you are done, publish your page to HTML, DHTML, or SVG. SiteSpinner Pro was designed to conform to W3C industry standards for desktop and mobile development and publishes pages that can be viewed on all major desktop and mobile web browsers.
  • REAL PREVIEW for different devices - we partnered with Opera Software to incorporate advanced browser technology into SiteSpinner Pro that enables you to directly Preview your web pages as you are building them, right in the work-window. Not only can you view your desktop designed page, but you can also preview what your page will look like on different mobile devices and at different resolutions.
  • PUBLISH EASILY - with SiteSpinner Pro you decide how your pages are published to your webhost. Use Relative or Absolute paths, or use the automated Gather function to quickly and easily 'gather-up' all your images and other attached objects and transfer them to your webhost for you. SiteSpinner Pro publishes to any standard webhost you wish to use, quickly and easily.
  • SOPHISTICATED WEBSITE DESIGN - No HTML coding required. Visual, drag-and-drop editing means you can move anything, anywhere with your mouse. Resize, skew, and rotate objects. Align objects by position, size. Pages can be 'centered' with the click of a button. Objects can be set to Relative Sizing and Relative Positioning, resulting in dynamic objects and pages. Import your images, add shading, transparency mapping. Adjust brightness, contrast and more. With SiteSpinner Pro you have full control.

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SiteSpinner Lowest new price: $29.99
List price: $59.95
Brand: Virtual Mechanics

Incredibly Easy to Use - SiteSpinner makes it simple for anyone to design and publish professional looking websites quickly and easily. Truly uncomplicated drag-and-drop design lets you position text, graphics, Foreign Objects such as Flash files, exactly where you want them.

The 'Everything You Need Website Design Suite' - SiteSpinner is an all-in-one website creation package - easy enough for beginners, but with powerful features that you can grow into. SiteSpinner's advanced graphical work-window enables precision drag-and-drop layout, including the ability to easily 'center' a website with the click of a button. With the built-in word processor and spell-checker, integrated image editing and graphics creation capabilities it's easy to build professional looking websites without having to know any HTML.

Industry Standards Compliant, Search Engine Optimized Web Pages - SiteSpinner's advanced functions enable you to create customer feedback Forms, Frames, Special Effects such mouse-over effects, drop-down navigation menus and more. Don't want to start from scratch? SiteSpinner comes with a number of quality Templates to help you get started quickly. Once your site is done, the built-in Publisher uploads your website with a single click - your files are automatically published to your webhost.

Free Webhosting - Take advantage of a year of free webhosting with SiteSpinner. Already have a webhost? No problem. SiteSpinner publishes to all standard webhosts. What's more, if you are not ready to use the free year provided with SiteSpinner you can do so at a later time.

Customer Support is always here when you need it - we do not disappear. Our Community Forums are an active and lively mix of new users and Gurus with many years' experience and who are always willing to help out. SiteSpinner comes with advanced Tutorials, Online Help and a printable PDF manual. SiteSpinner also comes with unlimited, direct online support.


  • The easiest website design program available. Quickly and effortlessly create professional looking websites without having to know any HTML or coding. SiteSpinner is a completely visual, drag-and-drop website creation tool. Click, place and move any object in the SiteSpinner work-window using your mouse, and position it on the page exactly where you want it. SiteSpinner truly is 100 percent WYSIWYG - What You See I What You Get.
  • The all-in-one editor. Web Pages, Graphics, Search Engine Optimization. With SiteSpinner there is no need for separate programs to perform different tasks. Quickly and easily create special effects such as mouse-over effects; add foreign objects to your site such as Flash and PDF files. Build Tables, Forums and Frames. SiteSpinner also includes an Image Editor so you can adjust your photos and even create graphics for your website right in the work-window.
  • One-click publishing. Once you have designed your new website, SiteSpinner takes the frustration out of publishing it to the web. Uploading is made easy - simply click the Publish function and the SiteSpinner Publisher takes care of uploading all your pages and images to your webhost and ensures that all your links are working. What's more, if you do not already have a web host, you get a year of free webhosting with SiteSpinner.
  • Search Engine Friendly Websites. SiteSpinner is one of the few visual website creation tools to produce industry-standards compliant HTML websites. The sophisticated HTML web pages created by SiteSpinner ensures that your web pages are easily indexed by all major Search Engines. What is more, SiteSpinner includes professional Search Engine Optimization software to ensure your site gets top rankings.
  • With SiteSpinner you get unlimited online Support. We don't disappear once you make your purchase - we're here to help you when you need us. SiteSpinner includes extensive online Web Help, Interactive Tutorials, a full PDF User Guide, and busy Community Forums - all at no extra charge. People have been creating professional websites with SiteSpinner since 1998, including many loyal customers still using it to this day. We are always here to help ensure your website is a success.

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Microsoft FrontPage 2003 - Old Version

Microsoft FrontPage 2003 - Old Version Lowest new price: $199.99
Lowest used price: $29.99
List price: $199.00
Brand: Microsoft
Model: 392-02321

FrontPage 2003 provides the features, flexibility, and functionality to help you build better Web sites. It includes the professional design, authoring, data, and publishing tools needed to create dynamic and sophisticated Web sites.


  • Professional design, authoring, data, and publishing tools to create sophisticated Web sites
  • New layout and graphics tools make it easier to design exactly the site you want
  • Design tools to generate better code, or expand your code skills
  • With professional coding tools, write code faster, more efficiently, and with greater accuracy
  • Enhanced publishing features and options help get your Web pages online more quickly

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Serif WebPlus X5

Serif WebPlus X5 Lowest new price: $12.75
Lowest used price: $12.49
List price: $99.99
Brand: Serif

WebPlus X5 is the ultimate website design software, ideal for small businesses, organizations and home users. Drag-and-drop simplicity, an intuitive interface,and powerful tools help you design sites easily, even if you’ve never done it before. Everything you need to create a professional-quality website is in this one box.

Serif WebPlus X5--Professional-Quality Web Sites Made Easy

WebPlus X5 is the ultimate web-site design software for small businesses, organizations, and home users. You don't need to know any HTML--drag-and-drop simplicity, an intuitive interface, and powerful tools help you design sites easily, even if you've never done it before.

Setting the standard for web-design software!
  • Design with drag-and-drop simplicity--no HTML required
  • 6-months free hosting, web address, and email
  • Beautiful templates that are easy to customize
  • Comprehensive e-commerce with step-by-step setup wizards
  • Interactive gadgets, live feeds, and multimedia streaming
  • Unlimited sites, pages, web gadgets, and store items
  • Management tools help with SEO and maintaining sites
  • Design and photo-editing tools built-in--no need to buy or learn any other software
See how WebPlus X5 compares to other packages.
WebPlusX5 Comparison Chart
View larger.
Web-site design made easy. No need for HTML!
Web design made easy
Web design made easy.

You can design your web site from scratch or, to get up and running really quickly, use one of the professionally designed templates. There are templates to suit everyone and customizing them is easy because you don't need to know HTML or any other complicated programming language.

Simply drag and drop what you want, such as buttons, photos, text, and more, onto your page. And it's just as easy to add music, videos, Flash banners, or anything else you might want on your web site. You can even change the entire color scheme in just a couple of clicks. When we say easy, we mean it!

Free hosting included

Get online straight away! When you buy WebPlus X5, you'll get six months web hosting absolutely free!

It's not just any hosting, it's six months of our Silver hosting package. That means you'll get 250 MB of web space--enough for all but the largest sites, 2 GB of bandwidth every month, a personalized email address, and a sub-domain that is unique to your web site.

WebPlus Hosting

WebPlus X5 includes six months of Silver hosting with every WebPlus X5 purchase. Free hosting is applicable to new accounts only.

Your own unique web address

Get an address for free in the format You can upgrade to a different hosting package if you would like your own .com or similar web address. If you have an existing domain name you can transfer it to a Serif hosting package.

2 GB monthly bandwidth

This is enough bandwidth volume for a popular website with low demands on traffic (e.g. text and images), or for light traffic if hosting your own video or other large files. Content streamed from other servers e.g. YouTube does not affect your bandwidth.

250 MB storage

A web site comprised of text and images will not likely ever fill this space, leaving enough room for some of your own video and audio if you wish.

1 email address

In the format

Secure e-commerce
Secure e-commerce.
Secure e-commerce made easy

Shopping online is more popular than ever. WebPlus X5 gives your customers a secure way to pay by card on your web site. We've teamed up with popular shopping cart providers PayPal, RomanCart, and Mal's so you can be sure it will work smoothly and that all of your customers' details--and money--are safe.

It's easy to set up a store on your web site: a wizard will take you step-by-step through everything you need to do. Add as many items as you like and even include different pricing based on color, size, model--anything! You could be selling your products and services worldwide in minutes!

Online booking, maps, and more
Online booking, maps, and more.
Online booking, Google Maps, blogs, forums, and other interactive widgets

Take bookings for your B&B, venue, restaurant, or anything else with the interactive online booking system and make it easy for your customers to see what days and times are available by color-coding available slots on an interactive calendar.

Your customers will find you easily when you put a Google Map on your site. They are free and easy to add, and you can even show the front of your building.

Get direct feedback from your customers and encourage discussion by adding a forum or blog where they can post comments--it's a great way to add reviews without having to ask for them.

Entertain with YouTube
Entertain visitors with YouTube videos.
Entertain visitors with YouTube videos, slideshows, live Twitter feeds and much more!

Embed or stream your own videos and music on your site--ideal for showing off your products and services, promoting your band, or just as an easy way for friends and family to see your home movies.

Display your photos in stylish galleries or link your Flickr account so uploaded photos are automatically displayed in slideshows on your site. You can even live stream from news sites, Twitter posts, RSS feeds, and more so your site is always up-to-date with fresh content.

Stylish web buttons and graphics

Add some of the many professionally designed styles, fills, instant shapes, logos, and web graphics to your site. Or design your own buttons and graphics from scratch and build intelligent navbars easily in the new Button Studio.

WebPlus X5 also comes with powerful image-editing tools so you can adjust and enhance photos, remove backgrounds, add effects, and more. And because you can do this all in WebPlus, you don't need--or have to learn--any other design software.

Now you really can create a web site to look exactly as you want it to.

Optimized sites
Optimized sites generate more traffic.
Optimize sites: increase ranking for more traffic!

Make sure potential customers can find your site by using the built-in SEO in WebPlus X5. There's no need to pay a professional to improve your page ranking in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!.

To help optimize your site even more, we've made it easy for you to add Google Analytics, for free of course. It will report on page view times, site browsing habits, and other visitor behavior patterns to help you understand which pages are working for you and which ones you need to improve.

Web-site design software with total freedom

Create as many web sites as you like with WebPlus X5. There are no limits on anything, including the number of pages you can have, items in your e-commerce stores, or where you host your web sites.

Design your web site in the office, at home, or on the move then publish with one click. And keep your web site up-to-date wherever you are--edit blogs and update content from any computer with an internet connection. WebPlus X5 is as flexible as you are.


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Create navbars
Select from 80 navbars or design your own.
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The flexibility and power of WebPlus X5 makes designing and uploading professional-quality web sites simple and easy--and you don't need to know HTML because it handles all the code writing behind the scenes!

This all-in-one web-site design software works perfectly in Windows 7, Vista, and XP and offers stylish and functional site navigation, e-commerce facilities, and Flash compatibility. It comes with all the tools you need to create attractive graphics and edit your photos, as well as smart web gadgets like blogs, forums, and RSS feeds.

All of this makes WebPlus X5 ideal for creating web sites for businesses, clubs, organizations, hobbies, or specialist sites like blogs, online portfolios, photo galleries, and more.


  • Design websites from scratch with drag-and-drop simplicity - no HTML knowledge required - or use beautiful templates that are easy to customize.
  • Design and photo editing tools are built-in - no need for other software.
  • Comprehensive e-commerce with step-by-step setup wizards.
  • No limits - create as many sites, pages, and store items as you like and use management tools help with SEO and maintaining sites.
  • 6-months free hosting, web address, and email to get you started.

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Everything you need to create the perfect website - Create an unlimited number of sites and pages, design bespoke web graphics and banners and add interactive gadgets, photos and videos -all with simple drag and drop tools. Take advantage of the most up to date technology that handles all the coding for you; WebPlus X7 now automatically outputs HTML 5 ensuring you have a more compact and efficient website. Design web pages exactly how you want them. Select a template and add your own color schemes, interactive features, imagery, text and much more with easy tools and advanced features. More advanced designers can even design everything from scratch, including layouts, objects, logos and much more. Build your website and your customer base the way you want with WebPlus X7.


  • Build sites optimized for smartphones, tablets, desktops, and laptops. Customize and create your own stylish HTML5 website with no coding required.
  • Choose from stylish templates or design from scratch. Design as many unique sites as you want, with no limits on pages or features.
  • Use handy widgets for contact forms, accommodation bookers and more. Add social sharing with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.
  • Sell products online with trusted e-commerce providers like PayPal. Drag and drop navbars, buttons, logos and more onto your pages.
  • Embed videos in your own player, or use YouTube and Viemo, Edit photos, create logos and color schemes, design backgrounds and more.

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  • Amazon allows you to store data securely in folder like "buckets" on S3 for "pay only for what you use" price. There is no minimum and over usage fee for data storage on S3. Bucket Explorer allows you to access and manage your data on S3. Use Bucket Explorer as a simple backup or FTP tool for Amazon S3.
  • Bucket Explorer is one of the best available developer tools for Amazon S3. Two more versions of this software sold by Cloud Computing Experts are- Bucket Commander (to Schedule & Automate Uploads, Downloads, & Bucket Backups) and Team Edition (to shared folder(s) with Teams). Find us at and .
  • Use Bucket Explorer for "offsite backup" or website hosting on Amazon S3. Share you pictures, audio, video or any other files from Amazon S3 buckets, with anyone, using Bucket Explorer. Guaranteed least number of Amazon S3 requests, i.e least operational cost.
  • Fast upload- download to and from Amazon S3 buckets with Multi- threaded tasks. Copy or Move files and buckets across different Amazon S3 accounts.

uBrowser Basic Edition [Download]

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Brand: Altitude Technologies

uBrowser is a new family of web browsers from Altitude. Instantly visit any website just by typing. There is no longer any need to press enter or click the "go" button. Everything is instant. Just type to search on Bing. uBrowser is the fastest and cheapest premium browser. uBrowser Basic Edition is the first in the all-new family.

System Requirements:
  • Supported OS:   [Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP]
  • Processor:   1GHz Single-Core
  • RAM:   512MB
  • Hard Disk:   1GB
  • Video Card:   At least AMD low end cards

Recommended System Requirements:
  • Recommended Processor:   2GHz Single-Core
  • Recommended RAM:   1GB
  • Recommended Video Card:   AMD or NVidia low to mid spectrum cards
  • Video Cards Supported at the time of release:   Any card


  • Instant navigation to any URL
  • Instant Bing web search directly from nav bar
  • Fast and Secure
  • Simple to install and use

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