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Boat Hardware & Maintenance Supplies

Jaws Quick Spit Antifog Spray, 1-Ounce

Jaws Quick Spit Antifog Spray, 1-Ounce Lowest new price: $4.91
List price: $7.95
Brand: Jaws
Model: JAW1796

Now the worlds most recognized antifog comes in a spray. Quick spit spray works on anything that fogs, including dive masks, swim goggles, paintball masks, sport goggles, safety goggles, ski goggles, eye wear, windows, binoculars, scopes and more. Apply wet or dry - Quick spit is made with the same ingredients as spit gel, giving the high performance of a gel in a convenient spray formula. Over 200 pumps per bottle. Quick spit... the most recognized name in antifog... the spray that works. 


  • Long Lasting , Non-toxic Formula
  • 200+ pumps per bottle
  • Natural and biodegradable
  • Works on glass and plastic
  • Use for wet or dry applications

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303 Products Aerospace Protectant

303 Products Aerospace Protectant List price: $3.95
Brand: 303 Products
Model: 30340-6PK-Parent

303 liquid protectant is a high-powered sun block for your rubber, vinyl, plastic, leather and fiberglass. When used regularly, sun degradation can be reduced to an absolute minimum. By using 303 on your raft, car, helmet or paddle, you're ensuring the color and material of your gear will last a lot longer.


  • Northwest River Supplies
  • Perfect for rubber and vinyl rafts, 303 penetrates the material stop brittle oxidation and UV decay
  • Easy application: just spray on & wipe dry
  • Repels dust, soiling and staining so treated surfaces stay cleaner, longer

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303 Products High Tech Fabric Guard with Water Repellant

List price: $29.99
Brand: 303 Products
Model: 30674-Parent

303 High Tech Fabric Guard. Restores lasting water repellance to marine canvas. Stops leaks, protects against soiling from both water and oil-based stains. Also helps fight against mildew formation and sun damage. Spray on, let dry. As easy as it gets. Every 16 ozs. treats 75-100 sq. ft. of marine canvas. Also a great choice for fabric upholstery, carpeting and breathable wet weather gear. 16 or 32-oz. container. State Size. Order Today! 303 High Tech Fabric Guard

TRISLIDE Anti-Chafe Continuous Spray Skin Lubricant

TRISLIDE Anti-Chafe Continuous Spray Skin Lubricant Lowest new price: $11.75
List price: $14.95
Model: TSLIDE0001

TRISLIDE is the ONLY anti chafing, anti-friction, anti-blistering product found in a convenient environmental friendly aerosol spray. Gone are the days of goopy messy hands and contaminated sticks, the continuous spray application of TRISLIDE is easy to use and safe to share. TRISLIDE is becoming the preferred ‘chamois anti chafing' treatment for cyclists to eliminate saddle sores. For cyclists, one application of TRISLIDE goes on silky smooth and stays on without a squishy, wet chamois feeling. It stays on for hours but doesn't leave a greasy lube residue. Compared to others that may wash off, it is waterproof which means sweat proof. Not only is TRISLIDE great for eliminating chamois chafing, but it successfully combats  blistering and hotspots on runner's feet and all general skin chafing (inner thigh, underarm, sports bra, chest and neck). TRISLIDE also helps ease entries and causes wicked fast exits from triathlon wetsuits. For triathletes, surfers and divers, TRISLIDE is completely safe to use on all neoprene compared to petroleum or vegetable based products that will disintegrate the wetsuits. TRISLIDE is a liquid silicone based product that can simply be removed with soap and water, will not stain clothes,  and  is the most innovative product to prevent chafing, blistering, irritation and hot spots found in swimming, biking and running. Available in a  4 oz. can.


  • Eliminates all skin chafing
  • Combats chamois chafing found in cycling
  • Eases entries and creates super fast exits from wetsuits
  • Significantly reduces hot spots and blistering on the feet while running
  • Safe to use with all neoprene found in wetsuits (triathlon, surf, scuba)

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Star brite Premium Golden Teak Oil

Star brite Premium Golden Teak Oil List price: $77.99
Brand: Star Brite
Model: 085116PW-H

Premium Teak Oil is the finest quality teak oil available. The ultra-refined tung oil & polymers provide durable protection from weathering and graying, while making the wood look its best. It is also ideal for refinishing and protecting other fine woods and wood furniture.


  • Ultra-refined formula gives teak a natural, warm golden color
  • Polymers provide maximum protection for teak and other fine woods
  • Easy to use, fast drying; ideal for wood furniture, too
  • Contains UV absorbers to protect against weathering
  • The #1-rated teak oil in independent testing

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3M Marine Restorer and Wax (16.9 fl-Ounce)

3M Marine Restorer and Wax (16.9 fl-Ounce) Lowest new price: $12.99
List price: $27.99
Brand: 3M
Model: 09005

Designed to remove heavy oxidation, chalking, fading, minor scratches, rust and exhaust stains; plus provide protection on fiberglass/gelcoat.


  • Designed to remove heavy oxidation, chalking, fading, minor scratches, rust and exhaust stains
  • Provides protection on fiberglass/gelcoat

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Starbrite Waterproofing & Fabric Treatment

Starbrite Waterproofing & Fabric Treatment List price: $53.00
Brand: Star Brite

Starbrite Waterproofing & Fabric Treatment. Top - rated waterproofing. Boat covers, bimini tops, sail covers, clothing, tents Starbrite's PTEF-based formula provides the protection you're looking for without changing the look or feel of the fabric. Safe for all fabrics including Sunbrella. 16 ozs. or 128 ozs. State Size. WARNING: This item cannot be shipped to Canada. Please check your State, County and City laws for restrictions before ordering this product.

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3M Marine Mildew Stain Remover (16.9 fl-Ounce)

3M Marine Mildew Stain Remover (16.9 fl-Ounce) Lowest new price: $10.14
List price: $17.99
Brand: 3M
Model: 09067

Quickly removes mildew stains on vinyl, covers, cushions and other marine surfaces. Follow-up with 3M marine mildew block for long-lasting protection and to help keep surfaces looking cleaner and newer longer.


  • Use 3M Marine Mildew Stain Remover on vinyl seat cushions, vinyl covers, bimini tops, and accessories.
  • It works well on light colored and white vinyl to remove dark mildew stains and soil.
  • The spray-and-wipe formula works quickly and requires little, if any, scrubbing.
  • Follow-up with 3M Marine Mildew Block for long-lasting protection and to help keep surfaces looking cleaner and newer, longer.
  • If you have a boat, you need 3M Marine Mildew Stain Remover. Boats are prone to mildew but 3M Marine Mildew Stain Remover makes it easy to maintain a clean, mildew-free boat.

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Epifanes Clear Varnish

Epifanes Clear Varnish Brand: Epifanes
Model: ECVSA

World famous, highest quality marine spar varnish. Formulated with tung oil, phenolic and alkyd resins and U.V. filters for superior protection.


  • World famous, highest quality traditional tung oil marine spar varnish.
  • Formulated with tung oil, phenolic and alkyd resins resulting in a finish that has superior flow, gloss, durability, and exceptional longevity.
  • UV filters for superior protection with an ultra high gloss finish
  • Used in many applications, both exterior and interior, household or marine, brushed, sprayed, or rolled and tipped.
  • Use on new wood or restoring old wood to a deep clear finish, softwood or hardwood, marine or household applications.

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Top-Snapper Canvas Snap Tool

Top-Snapper Canvas Snap Tool Lowest new price: $13.95
List price: $19.95
Brand: Ironwood Pacific
Model: 008-1

The Top Snapper canvas snap tool takes the struggle out of snapping your boat canvas! Experienced boaters know that putting up and removing canvas top is seldom easy. Canvas shrinks, snaps corrode, and aligning snaps can quickly become a two person job. The Top Snapper boat canvas tool's two stainless steel blades slip over the snap shoulder to snap and align the snap halves. The longer blade is ideal for the outside snaps. Both blades work equally well to unsnap the snaps - without tearing or ripping the canvas.


  • Makes snapping boat covers and tops easy!
  • Dual blades to fasten inside and outside canvas snaps
  • Both blades are ideal for unsnapping snaps without ripping your canvas
  • Easy to grip rubberized handle
  • Works on corroded snaps and shrunken canvas

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