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Ski Machines

Stamina Total Thigh Trainer

Stamina Total Thigh Trainer List price: $399.99
Brand: Stamina

Tone all parts of your legs and lower body with the Stamina Total Thigh Trainer. It has padded handle bars that are easy and comfortable to grip, and they provide support during long, intense workouts. The secure foot pedals have a non-skid surface to keep you steady and safe. Its monitor shows basic fitness data to keep you motivated with the following information: time, count, calories, and total count. You can set it up to scan and keep track of all the aforementioned data, and it folds up easily for smart and tidy storage. About Stamina Products, Inc. Founded in 1987, Stamina is dedicated to building a stronger, healthier you. The company supplies high-quality products at excellent value to the fitness and leisure markets, showcasing hundreds of products around the world over the past two decades. Stamina is responsible for such brands as Body by Jake, Suzanne Somers, Tony Little, and more. Their mission is straightforward and admirable: Stamina strives to outperform the competition by maintaining effective communication, consistent quality, and superior service. They will continue to pursue perfection through the design excellence of these home fitness products. Lower-body workout improves cardiovascular fitness. Padded handle bars provide easy grip support. Secure foot pedals with a non-skid surface offer stability. Monitor displays fitness data to keep you motivated. Set it up to scan all stats during your workout. Folds up easily and stores away when not in use. Dimensions: 31.25L x 22.25W x 46.75H in..


  • Lower-body workout improves cardiovascular fitness
  • Padded handle bars provide easy grip support
  • Secure foot pedals with a non-skid surface offer stability
  • Monitor displays fitness data to keep you motivated
  • Set it up to scan all stats during your workout

NordicTrack Pro Skier Ski Machine

NordicTrack Pro Skier Ski Machine Lowest new price: $995.00
Lowest used price: $150.00
List price: $700.00
Brand: NordicTrack
Model: Original Classic Pro Skier

Why a NordicTrack Skier !

Aerobic #1

Endurance #1

Strength #2

Flexibility #2

Coordination #2


Compare to a Treadmill:

Treadmills are the 'catch all' for the fitness novice. But they are not low impact as many assume. Does the pavement come at you as you walk ? Have you watched - seen and heard people 'pound' their lives away on a treadmill ? Each step a tremendous jolt compared to ordinary walking which has enough impact on the joints without the added stress. Compare to 'NordicWalking or Skiing - you never lift your feet. Experience a Smooth - Rhythmic motion as wood skis glide gently on rubber rollers which - on a finely tuned skier - 'white-noise' therapeutic sound. Start NordicWalking / Skiing - ultimately will want to experience 'total freedom of motion' with an upper and lower body workout. The World's Best Aerobic Exerciser.

Compare to Elliptical:

Ellipticals are much more restrictive and have a shorter range of motion. They are often 'jerky - and have a 'punching' motion you want a free flowing - extended full range of motion and the smoothness of a NordicTrack. NordicTrack Skiers will also aid in achieving 'balance and coordination'. It's easy to learn and best of all - anyone can do it !


  • Adult & Senior Health & Fitness. A Safe - No Impact Workout.
  • Beautiful Sturdy Oak & Steel Contruction - Home Decor
  • Compact - Folds Down. Easy to move around with wheels
  • Several Models from which to Choose - One for Every Budget.
  • 1 Year Parts & Labor Warranty - A 'BETTER THAN NEW' BEST BUY

Genuine NordicTrack Skier DRIVE ROLLERS Does your Skier slip - not catch - fail to grab or loose tension ?

Genuine NordicTrack Skier DRIVE ROLLERS Does your Skier slip - not catch - fail to grab or loose tension ? Lowest new price: $125.00
Brand: NordicTrack
Model: Original

Set of 2 Replacement Center Drive Rollers for most Original Wood NordicTrack Ski Machines. If you have a 'Plus or Sport Series Skier, please inquire'

If your skier skips - has a 'ratchet' sound and occasionally gives way, you need to IMMEDIATELY REPLACE one or both center DRIVE ROLLERS.

Drive Rollers internally wear down over time - normally, 5 ~ 10 years of sustained use.

Please contact NordicDanny - your Ski Machine Specialist at NordicFitnessTrack anytime -- 24 / 7.


  • Genuine NordicFitnessTrack DRIVE ROLLER Set
  • Guaranteed for a Full 5 Years !
  • Complete Installation Instructions & Phone Support
  • Assistance & Parts for All of your Skier needs
  • Make your skier SAFE again & avoid common mistakes

NordicTrack Sequoia Skier (Ski Machine)

NordicTrack Sequoia Skier (Ski Machine) Lowest used price: $297.00
Brand: NordicTrack
Model: Sequoia

Which Skier is right for you ? Please also check out the Excel or Pro ! This is an Original Sequoia Skier. For as little as $50- more, you can upgrade to the next model. The Sequoia has Beautiful Refinished Pine. The Ultimate Upper & Lower Body Workout or just use the handlebars to use as a 'SkiMill' (Better for you than any Treadmill). This ORIGINAL SEQUOIA completed our Exclusive 21 Point Servicing for Refurbished, Reconditioned & Restored Custom Ski Machines ! NO ONE ELSE DOES WHAT NordicFitnessTrack Does !

You can pay $700- at or Sears on the Official NordicTrack Web Site, or buy one of the Best for Less !

I love NordicTracks - You will too: We stock the Excel - Pro - Achiever - Medaliast and Elite Skiers all currently in stock with different finishes and features. I only sell "better than new" units which are fully and unconditionally GUARANTEED for One Full Year from date of receipt !

LIKE NEW. GUARANTEED Parts & Service 1 Year. Totally refurbished and ready to go ! This SEQUOIA original cost $399- plus shipping

The simple machine with a natural look

For those who prefer the look of a natural wood finish. there's the NordicTrack Sequoia. It's designed for those on a strict budget who want to enjoy the tremendous health and fitness benefits from a regular NordicTrack workout. It's smooth, non-jarring, total-body motion lets you burn calories, reduce stress and strengthen your heart and lungs while enjoying an invigorating, yet affordable workout.

Beware of used machines that have been sitting -- service is almost always needed. This NordicTrack has been totally checked inside and out and is GUARANTEED for 1 year. (service and parts).

Sequoia features ...

Numbered lower-body settings

Adjustable upper-body resistance settings

Hard pine and black steel construction

Redwood stain

Handlebar support

Adjustable vinyl hip pad

Folds for storage


  • The Simple Machine with the Natural Look.
  • Lightweight Pine & Metal Construction
  • Folds down Compact
  • Stores Vertically in a closet - 1 sq. foot
  • Upper & Lower Body Workout !

NordicTrack EXCEL

NordicTrack EXCEL Lowest used price: $299.95
Brand: NordicTrack
Model: Excel

Please Check out our PRO SALE ! For only $50- more you can own the #1 Ski Machine of all time. And best of all, it's a Genuine Built in the USA Better than New Original NordicFitnessTrack Skier !NordicFitnessTrack now has the Excel available for World-Wide Shipping ! The Original design - also known as the 505 made 'Better than New' by FitnessTrack Specialist - NordicDanny. (we have both Excel and 505 models in stock).

Yes Virginia, If you can ride a bike - you can NordicTrack ! Enjoy the World's Best Aerobic Exerciser and the 'Only Freestyle Elliptical'. Why pound your joints on treadmill when you can SkiWalk away the pounds ?

All NordicFitnessTrack Skiers are the World's Best - Completely Refurbished and Reconditioned. Fully Guaranteed and the Smooth, Quiet Machines you have come to know and expect from the #1 Name in Original Ski Machines.

Call me, NordicDanny anytime and I will be more than happy to help you find the right skier to meet your budget and needs. 5 (Five) / 1 (One) * Year Parts & Labor Warranty means Service after the sale - and 24 hr. help and support when your skier arrives.

Remember: A NordicFitnessTrack Skier is designed to work the same as you got it - throughout the year ! Any time you experience anything less- just give us a call. * 5 Years on the Drive Rollers and 1 Year Bumper to Bumper !


  • The Original NordicTrack Skier - Oak & Chrome Excel - EXCELLENT
  • Sturdy Solid Oak Framing. Chrome Upright Tube.
  • Wheels on the back for Easy Mobility & Transport
  • Folds down for storage and can Tri-Pod so only 2 sq. ft. floor space
  • Still The ULTIMATE Upper and Lower body workout !

NordicTrack Medalist Skier Ski Machine

NordicTrack Medalist Skier Ski Machine List price: $900.00
Brand: NordicTrack
Model: Medalist

DISCOUNT PRICE; We're Subsituting ACHIEVER Ski Machines with Custom MEDALIST SKIS. One of the finest Skiers ever made - second only to the Elite Skier and I have those too - but this is the only 'Better than New' Medalist I have in stock and the most beautiful I have ever seen !

Own it today for about the same price you would pay at Sears or NordicTrack's web site for a standard Pro ! (which is now made in Taiwan).

This is a Genuine - Original 'Made in USA' skier and you will not find as nice anywhere else and perhaps never again !

Smooth and beautiful with my Exclusive NordicDanny touches which include a hard mounted Sport Bottle Holder, NEW bolts - washers & rubber bumper for added stability, each washer & bearing has been removed - cleaned and oiled or greased for smooth & quiet performance. Even the corner rollers - each axle has been smoothed out with superfine 0000 steel wool and axle bearing grease swabbed inside each roller.

The Achiever, Medalist and Elite Skiers have a larger (round) leather brake pad on the arm exerciser which gives you a more even and smooth draw on the pull. The click of a knob changes the tension for the lower body workout allowing you to 'fine tune' the tension while skiing.

A machine that is truly as beautiful and it is functional.


  • Look of the 15th Anniversary Limited Edition Model. Better than NEW. Orig. Price: $900
  • Look of Fine Wood Furntiure with Beautiful Walnut & Brass Highlights
  • One Step above Achiever Model - Second only to the Elite Skier !
  • Upper and Lower Fitness gauges show personal performance strength
  • Custom Skis with Brass Accents on both tip and back end

ALL Sport Water Bottle Holder NordicTrack SKIERS - BIKES & Most Exercise Equipment

ALL Sport Water Bottle Holder NordicTrack SKIERS - BIKES & Most Exercise Equipment Lowest new price: $4.99
Brand: NordicFitnessTrack
Model: SetNC2 BLK

CUSTOM FIT FOR MOST NordicTrack Ski Machines with standard vinyl hip pad. Hard mounts to the back of the hip onto the back plate - Complete with EZ installation Instructions and Special hardware Included ! (or can be cable / zip tied to most anything !)

We've Got NordicVision on DVD and other Original NordicTrack Parts & More Exclusive Accessories too ! Need a new hip pad and want the bottle holder already mounted ? We do that too !

--- own one for less than $10- / delivered price ! Includes special hardware and instructions for installation on your NordicTrack Skier ! Tight, Secure - handy and never in the way !

Missing from 99% of all NordicTrack skiers is a simple water bottle holder. NordicTrack sold them for $12.95 + shipping which did include a water bottle, but here is the same holder for $9- less 10 years later ----- only $5.99 !

High quality - Gloss Black. Includes special (added) hardware. Attaches to the back of the hip pad so it's handy - but not in the way !

Solid - good looking and will keep you well balanced with water as you go !

Exercise. The more you exercise, the more fluid you'll need to keep your body hydrated. An extra 1 or 2 cups of water should suffice for short bouts of exercise, but intense exercise lasting more than an hour (for example, running a marathon) requires additional fluid. How much additional fluid is needed depends on how much you sweat during the exercise, but 13 to 26 ounces (or about 2 to 3 cups) an hour will generally be adequate, unless the weather is exceptionally warm.

During long bouts of intense exercise, it's best to use a sports drink that contains sodium, as this will help replace sodium lost in sweat and reduce the chances of developing hyponatremia, which can be life-threatening. Fluid also should be replaced after exercise. Drinking 16 ounces of fluid per pound of body weight lost during exercise is recommended.


  • Required for Health & Sustained Exercise Regimen
  • Handy - Convenient - Easy to Install
  • Sturdy - Tough - Strong
  • Spring fit will accommodate most Sport Bottles
  • Sleek - Black - Custom

NordicTrack ACHIEVER Ski / Skier Machine

NordicTrack ACHIEVER Ski / Skier Machine Lowest used price: $495.00
Brand: NordicFitnessTrack
Model: Achiever

A genuine solid oak and steel NordicTrack ACHIEVER that looks and works as well as when it was first made in Chaska, Minnesota.

The Achiever is a full-featured NordicTrack that's ideal for those interested in closely monitoring their fitness progress. With the Achiever, you can accurately measure, in pounds or kilograms, the resistance you're working your muscles against by using the calibrated resistance settings on the upper- and lower body exercisers. In addition, a slide guide helps you measure total calories burned during your NordicTrack workout.


  • Calibrated upper and lower body resistance settings
  • Adjustable vinyl hip pad and front elevation
  • Calories-burned slide guide
  • Handlebar support and wheels for easy transport
  • Folds for storage

NordicVision on DVD - The COMPLETE Set; Colorado - New England - Seefeld Austria - Moritz Switzerland - Royal Gorge CA - Mt. Bachelor OR - Advanced and Walkfit Hawaii !

NordicVision on DVD - The COMPLETE Set; Colorado - New England - Seefeld Austria - Moritz Switzerland - Royal Gorge CA - Mt. Bachelor OR - Advanced and Walkfit Hawaii ! Lowest new price: $79.99
Brand: NordicVision
Model: NordicVision Series on DVD

ORIGINAL NordicTrack NordicVision Series on DVD ! Includes Original NordicTrack Sales / Training segment on each disk. This is the complete set and includes Walkfit Hawaii segment to round out the set ! Regular cost was $25- per vhs tape - that means this 4-DVD disk set is a $200- value !


  • Visual Motivation for your NordicTrack Skier Workout
  • 15 - 20 and 30 Minute workouts in any combination !
  • Regular time check updates let's you know progress !
  • Regular Pulse Checks !
  • POWER segments to alter your pace !


Lowest new price: $25.29
Brand: Alexander Taron

Richard Glaesser Ornament - This is a naturally finished "Cross Country" skier framed in a wooden cutout - Made in Germany



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