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Sporting Goods

Leg Machines

Bally Thigh Toner (Pink)

Bally Thigh Toner (Pink) Lowest new price: $16.99
List price: $16.99
Brand: BALLY
Model: BY7690PK

The targeted resistance of the Thigh Toner firms muscles without adding bulk. Strong tension lets you build your strength and increase firmness. Foam covered for maximum comfort, the Thigh Toner is easy to use, transport and store.


  • Foam covered for maximum comfort
  • Reinforced steel spring for heavy resistance
  • Fitness Guide Included
  • Tighten inner & outer thighs
  • Targets the triceps, chest and arms

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Gold's Gym Power Glide Discs

Gold's Gym Power Glide Discs Lowest new price: $13.35
Brand: Golds Gym

Get a total-body workout with Gold's Gym Power Glide Discs. These workout sliding discs are double sided for versatility and work on both carpet and hard floors. The smooth side of the Gold's Gym Power Workout Gliding Discs are for carpeted areas and the fabric side of the workout sliding discs are for hard floors. From lunges and squats to upper-body exercises, users can target specific muscle groups and tone their entire body with easy use. These workout sliding discs come in a 7" diameter to accommodate almost any user. Plus, with virtually every move, users can engage their core, giving them a strong abdominal work out. Follow the included workout DVD and learn how to maximize results with these workout sliding discs.


  • Double-Sided Sliding Discs
  • Smooth Side for Carpet
  • Fabric Side for Hard Floors
  • Workout DVD Included
  • Works on any surface

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Harbinger 373700 Leather 3-Inch Double Ring Ankle Cuff Attachment

Harbinger 373700 Leather 3-Inch Double Ring Ankle Cuff Attachment Lowest new price: $13.50
List price: $15.99
Brand: Harbinger
Model: 373700

Build overall leg and targeted muscle strength with the Harbinger 3" Heavy Duty Ankle Cuff. The expanded 3" ankle wrap lessens stress on ankles in lifting heavier weights. With plush shearling lining for enhanced comfort, the Harbinger ankle cuff clips easily to universal gym cable machines with attached D-ring.


  • Use with weight stack to strengthen leg muscles
  • Heavy duty steel D rings clip onto universal gym cables
  • Synthetic shearling padding
  • Adjustable closure, one size fits all

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Isokinetics Inc. Brand Pedal Exerciser - Assembled - With Anti-Slip Strips

Isokinetics Inc. Brand Pedal Exerciser - Assembled - With Anti-Slip Strips Lowest new price: $19.95
Brand: Isokinetics Inc.

The Isokinetics Inc. brand pedal exerciser is a shiny, chrome model with our logo on the front. Under desk consideration: Standard Pedal Exerciser pedal height tops out at 13". Isokinetics' Deluxe Pedal Exerciser is best option for under desk use, with a pedal top out height of 10.5". Direct from manufacturer pricing means you save more. 1 year warranty from Isokinetics Inc. Now comes with Dycem anti-slip strips to place under the feet to help solve a common problem of slipping on smooth floors. Made of high quality 1" chrome-plated steel tubing, with 4 flat-bottom rubber feet to grip the floor, and adjustable pedal straps to keep your feet in place. Our model IS NOT a "knock-down" model which requires the customer to assemble the frame and may be less rigid. Ours is a single-piece, welded, solid construction, fully assembled frame. Just insert and tighten the resistance knob and it is ready to use. Appropriate for elderly exercise. Often used for shoulder or knee rehabilitation as it provides a consistent muscle motion, strengthening arm or leg muscles and keeping the joints loose. This basic exerciser provides a low level aerobic workout: For a more vigorous workout, see our Deluxe or Magnetic models. Can be used for upper body exercises by placing it on a table and using your arms, or for lower body exercises placed on the floor and pedaled with your feet. At 5 pounds, it is easy to move around and store. Sit with legs at close to a 90 degree angle. Start your exercise program slowly and gradually work up to 20 minutes of exercise at least 3 times a week. Please note that like all pedal exercisers of this design, the resistance knob housing can become hot after using vigorously, so take care when touching after heavy use. We found it does not heat up much when used at lower resistance levels. ALWAYS consult a physician before beginning this, or any other, exercise program. For more rigorous needs, consider our Deluxe or Magnetic models.


  • One-piece welded frame of 1" chrome-plated steel tubing for greater strength, stability & durability
  • NOTE: This IS NOT a "knock down" model, which requires the frame to be assembled by the consumer
  • 4 rubber, triangular shaped, grooved, anti-skid foot pads to stand up against long term wear
  • Adjustable tension for a wide range of resistance, can be used with hands as well as feet
  • The Isokinetics Inc. pedaler comes with Dycem anti-slip strips for use on smooth floors

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Thigh Exerciser Master Workout Tone Home Gym Equipment

Thigh Exerciser Master Workout Tone Home Gym Equipment Lowest new price: $12.00
Brand: OSMS
Model: SDI SUN026B


  • Light Weight & Compact Design
  • Effective Toning For Thighs, Triceps, Buttocks, Hips, Pecs, Arms & Stomach
  • Made With A Spring-Loaded Steel Core Covered With A Soft Yet Durable Foam
  • Ideal For All Ages & Fitness Levels
  • Convenient To Use & Easy To Store

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SPRI Foam Rollers

SPRI Foam Rollers Brand: SPRI
Model: FR-KIT-Pa

SPRI Foam Rollers

Perfect for developing core stabilization, lower-body balance and stamina. May also be used for gentle stretching and self-mobilization of joints and spine.

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Heavy Duty - Built to Last

Microban antimicrobial protection helps prevent the growth of damaging bacteria on these foam rollers. This long-lasting, durable technology won't wash off or wear away, keeping the foam rollers cleaner between cleanings. Available in Half or Full Round with a 12" or 36" Length and 4" or 6" Diameter. Or grab either a Half or Full Round Kit containing all 4 styles available.


Successful physical activity and exercise are dependent upon the body’s ability to endure the positive stress of exercise, recuperate after training sessions, and adapt well over time. In order for that physical adaptation to occur safely, the body needs to be in a positive state of readiness before exercising and be able to return to a relatively normal positive baseline state afterwards. Most everyone experiences tightness, tension, imbalances, asymmetries, and weaknesses that need to be addressed as a means of preventing injuries. So, after tough training sessions, flexibility tools need to be able to provide much-needed muscle relaxation and relief.

Professional Choice

SPRI’s flexibility/mobility exercise tools — such as the SPRI Foam Rollers, are engineered to complement the many static and dynamic muscle-lengthening and trigger-point techniques currently being taught and administered by health and fitness professionals. Since the tools are lightweight and portable, the exercises can be done right on the gym floor, in the personaltraining area, on the massage table, or even outdoors. Most products allow trainers to manually relieve a client’s sore, tight muscles without coming into direct physical contact with them; this creates a more comfortable and acceptable training environment for both parties. And, with proper instruction from the trainer, these tools can also be dispensed to clients for use in their own homes.

About SPRI

After pioneering the concept of rubber resistance more than three decades ago, SPRI is still considered today to be the leader in providing the fitness industry with innovative, effective, and professional-quality fitness solutions. It is because of SPRI’s dedication to offering the highest-quality products that they are considered by many of the largest gym chains and most prestigious athletic-training facilities to be the most trusted brand on the market.

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Trust the Pro's

Millions of fitness enthusiasts around the world depend on SPRI products daily as part of their health and fitness routines, and with SPRI’s wide variety of products to choose from, there’s something perfect for every person and every fitness goal.

  • Perfect for developing core stabilization, lower body balance and stamina as well as spinal alignment
  • Dense foam provides firm, yet comfortable support
  • Several size options available to accommodate various body types
  • Includes Exercise Instruction Sheet


  • Perfect for developing core stabilization, lower body balance and stamina as well as spinal alignment
  • Dense foam provides firm, yet comfortable support
  • Several size options available to accommodate various body types
  • Includes Exercise Instruction Sheet

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IdealStretch-Original Lowest new price: $43.95
Brand: IdealStretch
Model: Original

The safest and most effective Hip and Hamstring Stretch without a partner-Guaranteed! IdealStretch is the answer to making stretching easier to do everyday, to improve muscle tone and make the rest of your exercise regimen more beneficial. Using IdealStretch before any kind of exercise will keep you limber and allow you to accomplish more with all your other forms of exercise. Back Pain Relief: Stretching the hamstrings is shown to relieve back pain and pressure. Knee Relief: Alot of the population commonly suffer from tight Illio-Tibial (IT) Band muscles. Short IT Band muscles on the outside of the leg add to the pressure on your outside knee. There is no better way to effectively lengthen the IT Band by yourself than with the IdealStretch. Hip Mobility: Because adductor (groin) muscles are not challenged to lengthen in most daily activities, they lose range of motion. Regaining this range of motion can improve hip longevity, maximize performance and reduce injury. Safe: The safest way to stretch the hamstrings and hips is lying on the back. This takes pressure off your spine as it stays straight and reduces the pressure on your discs that is found when standing, sitting or bending the spine. Easy: The IdealStretch helps to correctly align you. Only stretching experts could give you an equivalent hamstring, hip or groin stretch. You can even stretch while sitting. No bands, towels or tricky exercises and no stretching partner. Portable: Because the IdealStretch divides in two, it easily fits in your bag and can accompany you to work, on holiday or to the gym for your warm-up/down stretch.


  • Safest and Most Effective Hamstring & Hip Stretch Without a Partner- Guaranteed!
  • Patented Knee Restraint to Isolate the Hamstrings
  • Superb IT Band and Groin Stretch too!
  • Clinically proven to relieve back, sciatic and lateral knee pain
  • Holds You in Alignment While Stretching so No Need for a Stretching Partner!

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Suzanne Somers Toning System Featuring Thighmaster Gold and Thighmaster LBX

Suzanne Somers Toning System Featuring Thighmaster Gold and Thighmaster LBX Lowest new price: $49.00
List price: $35.70
Brand: Suzanne Somers
Model: FIT-5001

The Suzanne Somers ThighMaster Toning System includes two great products for both upper and lower body toning and shaping. 1 - The ThighMaster Gold firms and tones your inner thighs, shapes and tones your stomach and abdomen, and tightens your upper arms. 2 - The ThighMaster LBX firms and tones the buttocks and outer thighs. The instructional DVD leads you through a fun, simple, and effective routine with 12 great upper and lower body exercises. Plus, with a little creativity you can customize your workout for the results you want. With the Suzanne Somers Toning System, your entire body will become slim and toned. Suzanne's ThighMaster LBXTM Exercises - EMG Tested and proven to tone the buttocks and outer thighs. the Thigh Master Toning System Includes: - the ThighMaster Gold - the ThighMaster LBX - Instruction Pamphlet - Instructional DVD (10 Minutes Workout)


  • Take it anywhere! Small size allows for easy portability
  • Perfect for shaping Thighs
  • Tone and Shape upper Arms
  • Work the Abdominals
  • Customize your workout for the results you want!

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Chair Gym Total Body Workout , Blue

Chair Gym Total Body Workout , Blue Lowest new price: $130.00
Lowest used price: $149.00
List price: $149.99
Brand: Chair Gym
Model: 8875

Chair Gym Personal Exercise Resistance Chair Rehabilitation System Home Gym For Seniors Resistance Chair Exercise and Rehabilitation System The Resistance Chair Exercise and Rehabilitation System is perfect for part of a senior fitness exercise program that is perfect for seniors. The Resistance Chair is the world's most convenient home gym. This rehabilitation system allows you to do a full body workout from a safe, comfortable seated position. Because you remain seated, you maintain balance and stability as you exercise your arms, chest, shoulders, abdomen, back and legs.


  • Easy to Set Up, Use and Folds for Easy Storage
  • Improves Strength, Flexibility and Energy Levels
  • 3 Levels of Resistance- Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Over 50 Different Exercises

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Light Weight Thigh Master Thigh Toner & Butt, Leg, Arm Toner

Light Weight Thigh Master Thigh Toner & Butt, Leg, Arm Toner Lowest new price: $14.95
List price: $19.99
Brand: OSMS

The Thigh Master offers a solution to what is a difficult part of the body to exercise without expensive gym equipment. You can perform most exercises at home with a set of dumbbells or a home gym, but targeting your abductors and adductors (inner and outer thighs) specifically is difficult... which is probably why Thigh Master is so popular. Many people see it as the complete solution -- a tool that will transform their physique by burning fat and sculpting muscles.


  • Thigh master work on hips, thighs, upper arms, breast and chest; Perfect for your at-home exercise needs
  • Light and compact makes fitness equipment convenient for travel
  • Blue comfortable soft Padding, 12 Inches Height: 3 inches Width: 4 Inches
  • Deluxe Premium Quality.
  • A Very Versatile Strength Training Item.

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